Extra Cheesiness without Extra Charge All at Domino Malaysia

I'm not a fast food person but I still eat it once a while. Comparing to Pizza Hut, I personally favour Domino pizza more! If you ever taste both pizza before, then you might get to know the reason. I was invited to join Domino pizza feast last week. For sure, I was quite excited for the tasting session.

Domino Malaysia

We were being served with different pizzas on that night. The pizza was either topped with anchovies, prawns, beef or chicken, but one same thing was the extra cheese added.

all you need is cheese with 2 pizza choices


Domino is giving extra cheese for free from 1 - 30 September 2018

free extra mozarella cheese with 2 pizza deals

free extra mozarella cheese with 2 pizza deals

Who does not like extra cheese? I am a cheese person!

domino pizza side order, fried chicken, cheese stick, onion ring

The side order is great too! I never expected Domino starts selling fried chicken as side item.

megat showing the cheesiness of cheese stick at domino malaysia

My  friend, Megat was trying to show how cheesy the pizza was! 

I'm showing you the O from dOminO Malaysia

Ops! I hope I was not overdosed with cheese that night :D

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