Pentoli Cookware on 11 Street Now!

Recently, 11street Malaysia has partnered up with Pentoli, a premium cookware brand that is inspired by Italian designs both classic and contemporary to bring in high-quality cookware to 11street’s online shopping platform. This partnership signifies the ongoing efforts to enhance the product variety on 11street to cater to the wants and needs of the consumers. 

Through this partnership with Pentoli, 11street will take a much closer step in becoming a more holistic online shopping platform as well as enhancing the consumers shopping experience. It means you could find anything you want in 11 street, everything is accessible with few clicks. 

11street Malaysia has partnered up with Pentoli

As being known as premium cookware, what's so special about it?

  • Pentoli’s factory is one of the factories outside Japan to receive the SG (CH-IH) certification and it is qualified to produce induction-compatible stainless-steel cookware. That means every single raw materials and production of Pentoli cookware is controlled, ensuring the brand reliability and consistency.
  • With the unique and innovative Pentoli’s Smart-Forming Technology, a variable wall of thickness is formed while optimising body weight and heat distribution of the cookware. This ensures faster cooking time and lesser energy consumption. As a result, foods are cooked in a much less hazardous to health method. With this, consumers will have one less worry on their mind and can focus on things that matters most; creating precious memories with their loved ones during festive season. 
(okay la this is most matters to me! I am always busy and I tend to leave my kitchen to do my works while waiting for the food to cook. I have no idea how much time needed sometimes and without checking till I smelled the burn then only I know that again I make a burnt rice! LOL...The pain is I have to spend much more time to clean and clear the burn on my pot )

Smoked Meat with Fiery Chilliby Dato’ FazleyYaakob

Dato’ FazleyYaakob performed a cooking demo

In conjunction with the partnership, Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia will be the official Chef Consultant for Pentoli’s Ramadan and Hari Raya campaign. Dato’ Fazley Yaakob performed a cooking demo featuring two of his favourite Ramadan dishes, which are‘Smoked Meat with Fiery Chilli and Green Starfruit’and ‘Caramelised Bananas with Gula Melaka Butterscotch Sauce’ in conjunction with the upcoming festive period. 

pentoli cookware

What is the hero products of Pentoli?
  • Pentoli Multi-ply Stainless Steel 8L Pressure Cooker
Equipped with Interlock System Mechanism, Pressure Indicator Safety Valve and Extra Safety Valve features, Pentoli promises users a safe cooking experience. Other than that, steam is trapped in an airtight pot which subsequently raises the pressure and boiling point, thus speeding up the cooking process.

  • Pentoli Multi-ply Stainless Steel 38cm Flat Bottom Wok with Cover
Besides lightweight feature, it comes with Quality Bakelite Handle with excellent insulation and heat-resistance. The Intelligent Air Valve gives user total cooking control by retaining and releasing steam.

In conjunction with 11street Ramadan campaign, which will be taking place from today until 15th June 2018, Pentoli will be offering its cookware promotion at up to 78% discounts on 11street. To top it up, a Pentoli 28cm frying pan will be given out free for customers who make a purchase of the key Pentoli Hero cookware. For an added convenience, customers will be able to opt for an instalment plan for up to 36 months during the period. For more details, please visit


  1. Sounds like a nice cookware set.

  2. Replies
    1. indeed.... if u plan to cook smoked beef, this is a great choice. The beef can be cooked in the pot without any oil on fire and no burning occurs

  3. This is one of my favourite chefs. I bought a blender after watching his demo (not this product) . Lol. I love cookware - these sound great!

    1. those who love to cook will love to know all these cookwares. It's always exciting to know all these latest creation with advanced technology to cook.

  4. That's cool! I can never do without a good cookware. Love to try! xoxo

    1. wow that's great you love to give a try too. Hope Pentoli expands its market to Sg soon.


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