Jom Iftar 2018 @ Funtasia, Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya

Next Wednesday starts the holy month of Ramadan. Do you have any thought where to break the fast later? If you are staying nearby Bangi, Putrajaya and Kajang, Hotel Bangi- Putrajaya might be one of the good options for family and friends rejoining to break the fast together. Funtasia in Hotel Bangi- Putrajaya is a fun, hip and chic, family-friendly setting restaurant. The iconic symbol of the restaurant is the 12 feet Ferris Wheel that could rotate and at the same time functions for the food display. 

Funtasia, Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya

Being the first time visitor, I was very surprised to see ang moh (Caucasian) around. I was told by Shirley Wong, who works here for over 20 years, KLM airline has a contract with the hotel and thus usually the cabin crew and pilots will stay at the said hotel when they fly to KL. That explains why we saw Caucasian bikini ladies sitting at the poolside for sunbathing. Strategically enough, Funtasia just located by the pool, which you could see what's going on in the pool with its glass doors.

Now, why should you come here? Located at Bandar Baru Bangi, Hotel Bangi- Putrajaya is just 30 mins drive from KL city centre and KL International Airport via highway. There is a golf course located beside the hotel. Thus, it also provides convenience to guests who favours golf sport. 

Funtasia, Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi

Funtasia, Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya

Through my observation, Funtasia is a buffet concept restaurant that serves up tempting local cuisine, delightful western dishes as well as action stalls where chef performing gastronomical stunts show right before the diners' eyes - providing patrons with a journey that promises to excite their palate, delight their senses and transport them to a culinary wonderland.
I was amazed by how this 1 min fried rice machine works. Just place in all the ingredients step by step and is ready to be served next! I heard from the hotelier that this machine was first brought into Malaysia by this hotel owner. I mean in future, can I have this at home too? Hehehe

ikan gulai nenas Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Ikan Gulai Nenas

Sotong Masak Kunyit Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Sotong Masak Kunyit

Chicken Ginger & Spring Onion Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Chicken Ginger & Spring Onion

Cheesy Butter Prawn Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Cheesy Butter Prawn
The prawn is big. Shirley said the hotel owner is fussy about the food quality. He is choosy with the standard of the food which includes the prawn size too. Prawns that are small will not be used. Well, diners at Funtasia, isn't that a good news to you?

noodles station at Funtasia Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi

This year, Funtasia decided to combine the current craze of street food with 5-star dining comfort. The chefs have come up with over 200 choices of street-style and restaurant dishes ranging from appetizing starters on its 12 feet tall Ferris Wheel to whole roasted lamb, Malaysian satay and Mongolian BBQ.

Patrons can also enjoy the famous pan-fried gyoza, nasi goreng fried by robo-wok, oxtail soup, mutton soup, deep-fried snacks, ice kacang, cendol, homemade gelato with daily changing flavours! All of these which believed could satisfy your cravings and needs!

Chicken Gyoza Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Chicken Gyoza

ayam gulai putih Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Ayam Gulai Putih

Lamb Shoulder Masala Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Lamb Shoulder Masala

Paru sambal Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Paru Sambal

Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi Assorted Mushroom & Broccoli
Assorted Mushroom & Broccoli

daging dendeng Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Daging Dendeng

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

 Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi

assorted kuih muih at Funtasia Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi

Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya will continue to contribute RM3.5 for every adult dining at Jom Iftar Buffet throughout Ramadan month to "Care for Hunger" campaign. This year, the hotel targets to contribute min RM25k to the related association.

Funtasia restaurant Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya Buffet Ramadhan 2018 Bangi

Reservation with prepayment made minimum 24 hours prior to the dining will enjoy a discounted rate of RM90 net per adult and RM45 net per children (4-12 years old). Regular buffet price is  RM120 net per adult and RM 60 net per children (4-12 years old). 

For reservations, call 03-82102222 or email Visit for more info :)


  1. The food looks amazing. Have a great weekend.

  2. I think I will like this hotel very much - the people sound cool. The food looks fresh and yummy, the dessert table calls out to me. I definitely want a 1 min fried rice machine in my home ..haha!

    1. I like this place too, agree with you that people here are cool


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