Sunway Aqua Run

That's such a long time I did not engage in any run since Standard Chartered Marathon N years ago! I am not that active anymore as my time quite occupied with lots of stuff every day. This is not a good example though. Aware of increasing weight gain after all Ramadhan buffet review, I immediately sign up for Sunway Aqua Fun Run. 

Participants have to reach at 7am to register. By 8am they start to warm up. Well, I woke up at 645am. I was half-awake throughout the night perhaps I was excited to join the event. I set the alarm to wake up at 530am the night before the run. I never checked my phone for the time as I trusted my smartphone. But at last, I woke up as I saw the sky getting brighter same like 7am. By the time I checked my phone, it was 645am. I was shocked! I was not sure what happened with my phone ==" Luckily I am not catching a flight!

That's a huge crowd when I reached. The morning kicked off with a quick 15 minutes warm up session.

Next, together with other runners, we took positions at the starting line, and greeted with a cold shower just as the race began! Well, it was not even a race or run! But it was quite a relaxing walk with water splashing which was fun actually.

There were 6 designated fun zones with unexpected surprises and interesting challenges!In Splash Attack, we had to braze through the pulsating sprinklers and keeping balance while avoiding the spongy holes at the Puddles Mattress.

We put our climbing skill to test when it came to  Climb and Slide station. 

It was heart throbbing when it was the time you had to go down near to 90-degree slide.

The easiest of all challenges is the Wall Diving. Everyone had to try to squeeze their bodies through the wall. What awaiting them after the wall was the "live zombie". Some of the runners frightened by the appearance of zombie while some was not.

After getting our medals, I proceeded for a fun filled time at the remainder of the park. Seriously, I had been here for a few times but I never got to the suspension bridge. 

Aqua Run ticket also allowed us to gain entry to all 6 parks except bungee jump and go-kart. I am not that extreme person thus I chose to play those low to middle-level extremity game. One of the fun games I had was River Rapids. It was not that long queue comparing with the Roller-Coaster ride. But this will get wet in the end.

Spent most of my time visiting the Wild Park. It is always interesting for me to observe and snap the photos of all the animals I see.

Some are inactive, sleeping in the cage. Some are very active running in the cage, seem like trying to catch our attentions. But I would like to say I would like to keep a rabbit like those they have!

I always like to see gibbon in real. I was told they are found in Genting Highlands too. I never have a chance to spot any! Well, I feel happy to see them in Sunway Lagoon Wild Park. There are 2 in the park. One male and another female. The one in the picture above is a female. She is more approachable! Both are cute! You must not miss this when you are here. You have to follow my instagram for more interesting animals pictures and the video showcasing how gibbon shouts!

It was quite fun to join the Aqua Run where we got to experience the park in a different and unique way besides exercising in non stress condition. You know what, I heard that exercise increase inflammation in your body. Doctor, therefore, encourage 30 minutes brisk walk than running or engaging in strenuous exercise. 


  1. Shiok ohh ^.^
    This looks like fun, Emily! Nice share.

  2. haha the event so special one! too bad we do not have any here in penang!


    1. will have similar one soon in penang
      no worry

  3. That's the perfect type of run for Malaysian weather!

  4. I love it, babe! I'm sure you had lots of fun! xoxo

  5. This run is so amazing and so funny ! I love it :)


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