Selera Desa Iftar @ AnCasa Hotel & Spa KL

Ramadan is approaching. Soon Muslim will be fasting the following month. As usual, every hotel is coming up with their own recipes and special dishes. To celebrate the holy month, AnCasa Hotel & Spa KL will be offering a variety of cuisine which virtually brings you to famous food stalls located at different corners of KL city. The guests will be pampered with Ikan Bakar Stail Portugis, Nasi Tumpeng Jawa Timur, Rendang Itik, Siput Sedut Batang Keladi, Sup Rusa, Kambing Golek, Ayam Golek, Rojak Mamak, Asam Laksa, Roti Canai Pandan, Ketupat, Lemang and durian based products such as serawa, wajik and puding.

A bit fault of not arranging properly before taking a nice photo :S

Sup daging rusa, sup burung puyoh, sup kambing and sup ekor are served! These are not any ordinary soup we can easily find on street!

The live food stations are being labeled with different street names which are well known in early days. Not only that, to create that reminiscence atmosphere, they even put the old photos in a frame or in front of the stalls. I believe if you take a look at the pictures, I am sure you will have that kind of feeling "50-an? 60-an?" Surprised with the hotel crews' efforts to get all those old pictures.

Ikan Bakar Stail Portugis! Unfortunately, I forgot to taste this ~~ Can't describe the taste. By the time I reach this station, my plate already full :S As I promised to myself to come back later to take one but I totally forgot after chit chatting with some long lost friends LOL...I might have symptom for Alzheimer attack now uhuks...

The noodles station ~~ My friend commented a bit liquidy the soup. However, the constructive feedback is well accepted by the staff. She said they will improve on this :)

The steamboat station :D This kinda surprising as I never have such Ramadan choice in other hotels. 

The traditional village house " Rumah Kampung" weighing 60kg is completely made out of fully edible sugar and is created by AnCasa in-house pastry chef , Chef Hassukri to display his exquisite creation of serving traditional delicacies around the display. The design on this house display harks back to another time of the 60-era- when the house was with more charismatic designs and here we are today to admire such a delicate designed geometric styled traditional house. It took him 3 weeks to carefully design and create such a piece of sculpture where each and every part of the house were carefully created and assembled just by using sugar pieces and gum paste fondant icing. The entire house is made out of gelatin, glucose syrup, icing sugar, egg whites, cornflour and water. Each piece was measured and constructed diligently. The finishing of the house was coloured with edible food colouring in varieties brown shades.

Apam Balik

This tastes good for sure if you are durian lover!

The menu for buffet will not be the same every day but will be rotated accordingly. But there will be more than 100 dishes everyday comprised of appetizer, main course, drinks and desserts.

For those who interested with the buffet, please call Saffron Brasserie at 03-20266060 ext 7703 for further details. Well, they sell early bird vouchers too! Get it at RM58 nett until 15 May 2017. The normal price for an adult is RM68 nett while children charged at RM40 nett.
YB AnCasa giving duit raya to orphanage during the launching :D

Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
City Centre, 50500 Kuala Lumpur,
(next to Puduraya bus station)


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