SCS Reinvigorates Cookies with Artisanal Recipes

It is less than 2 weeks away from Chinese New Year. With every festive season witnessing families getting together, it is now time to prepare for the joyous celebration of Chinese New Year in the year of the Rooster. No matter what festival we celebrate, there is a defining similarity in which we all indulge – a culinary heritage made up of a wide array of delightful cookies that gets addictive with each bite.

At the heart of embracing the sense of nostalgia through exquisite aromas dissipating through the house, SCS with its 111-year legacy rolls out new recipes to celebrate this Chinese New Year. To spice up flavours this festive season, be sure to try SCS’s Treasure Cookies, Lucky Tangerine, Precious Pistachio Rollover Biscuits, and Pot of Gold Miniature Tart recipes.

There’s nothing quite like Chinese New Year without the sharing of kam, in the form of mandarin oranges. Translated as “gold” in Cantonese, kam signifies the abundance of good fortune and wealth, which is why bags of mandarin oranges have long been a symbolic gift in this occasion. Now, prosperity is also just a few bites away with Lucky Tangerine. These addictive melt-in-the-mouth cookies with a hint of almond are sure to satisfy your hunger pangs.

With prosperity also comes happiness. The creamy, crunchy, and distinctive texture of pistachio nuts folded into dainty looking shortbread savours your taste buds, making Precious Pistachio Rollover Biscuits a joyful addition to your cookie tray. The finely chopped pistachio in every bite of these sumptuous cookies, alongside the perfect blend of butter and nutty goodness, is surely a delightful treat to be served during this prosperous season.


Inspired to reinterpret the moon cake, SCS butter is introducing Pot of Gold Miniature Tarts. Combining an array of traditional Chinese New Year seeds and nuts, they now sit on a delicate & flavourful crust. These tartlets are baked with melon seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, whole almond, macadamia and pecan, held together by rich, gooey caramel.

Treasure Cookies is the perfect recipe to kick-start the festive mood. Loaded with a rich buttery taste, these delicious cookies, decorated with royal icing, will be a favourite amongst your family and friends. Each gorgeous cookie, with flavour to match, is not only delicious, but will also inspire your family to get together ahead of time to bake, and be creative with cookie decorating, in preparation for the auspicious season.

Since its inception in 1905, SCS offers premium quality butter that is au naturel, free of artificial colouring, additives, preservatives, and hormones. Made from only the finest ingredients, SCS butter undergoes an extra churn to give it a creamier edge over its competitors. Be it for baking, cooking or to spread on your bread, SCS butter is made to be versatile in the form of salted and unsalted butter.

Baking enthusiasts can check out SCS’ Facebook page at or their YouTube channel at for these recipes.


  1. OMG, they're all so cute! Always love this kind of event, dear! xoxo

  2. The cookies are so cute! I love this butter. Still have some in the fridge. Will need to stock up soon but I think I'm going to skip making CNY cookies this year.


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