DesaStay Carnival & Launching

For those who relish the quiet calm of rustic life, escaping the busy bustling city life they are living in, or for those who wants to get to know Johor with a more in-depth, DesaStay is the right choice for you! What is DesaStay? DesaStay is almost same with Homestay concept. The guests will stay with the host which loads of activities being offered. The types of activities vary depending on the culture, geological surroundings, economic activities and also location. The activities are all authentically Malaysian demonstrating the uniqueness of their DesaStay of choice.

I was invited for the DesaStay Carnival & Launching last Saturday in Johor. The event is graced with the presence of the current Johor State Chief Minister YB Dato' Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin to officiate the launching of DesaStay in Johor state. DesaStay is one of the tourism product at the countryside. DesaStay programme enables the tourists to experience and involve in various activities prepared by the villagers. They could choose to stay with the host or separate house. Otherwise, they could also opt for 1/2 day or 1-day package.

31 villages have been identified to be involved in "DesaStay" programme which is comprised of Malay, Chinese and Indian community.

Next, we were invited to a beautiful house named Teratak Selari Bonda which is also involved in DesaStay programme for visiting and a tea break.

Isn't this Malay wooden traditional house beautiful? 

Ketupat Loi


Fried Banana

All these are the foods served in Teratak Bonda Selari during the tea time. Honestly, I never seen Ketupat Loi and Lodeh until I been there.

Well, there are many stalls selling various local food and handmade products which are quite interesting with affordable price at DesaStay Carnival on that day.

The lovely tigers - Tiger King and Tiger Queens :)

In my opinion, I believe DesaStay programme will definitely give a life-long unforgettable fun experience to all guests with the best-village style living experience in Johor! Above all, Johor has more to offer :)

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