Wings Musicafé 13 Years Celebration Party

A few weeks back, I was invited to "13YR" Celebration Journey which is proudly brought by Wings in collaboration with KetchUp community, the social community platform for ideal cafe social spaces.

This first event in a series of high-profile gatherings celebrated 13 years of Good Music, Good Food, and Good Friends; for unforgettable moments shared on the same platform, on the same stage and at the same table.

Wings Musicafé is a casual dining social space specialising in live unplugged music, with a full selection of delicious dishes and community favourite beverages. In conjunction with the launch of their "13YR" campaign, Wings Musicafé is launching their new menu while recharging its culturally phenomenal music community.

Redang Wave
 This deep blue beverage originally inspired by the movie Summer Holiday (Xia Ri Mo Mo Cha) is Wings' best take on leisure. From its introduction and for all the time since this beverage has received a lot of good feedbacks. 

Long Vacation
 I have this second drink that night. The glass rim is dusted with fine salts! From rim to mouth, I tasted a mixture of salty, sour and sweet tastes that blended in my mouth.

Wings Bacon Salad
What makes the salad impressive to diners mostly is the sauce! Can't agree any more with others that the tasty concoction spots a bright yellow hue, with a smooth texture and a sweet sour aroma, a salad sensation that you won't find elsewhere.

Double Cheese Chicken
Delightfully infused with 2 layers of cheese and a half boiled egg yolk as the topping, this Double Cheese Chicken has become one of the most enduring signature dishes of Wings since 2005!

Viet Style Grilled Chicken
This Viet Style grilled Chicken is Wing's best signature fusion dish since 2006 which cooked in Vietnam style but retain American taste.The recipe is shared by one of the owner's friends, a trained chef who back from French for vacation.

Bacon Risotto
This was my first time trying Risotto. The first was at another place when celebrating my friends' birthday. Risotto belongs to northern Italy where the rice is typically steam-cooked with cheese and cream as a staple offering. At Wings, the dish features rice stirred over heat with a rice sauce till the aroma becomes fully permeating. The resulting fragrant rice is enveloped with rich bacon rolls, creamy white sauce and other spices that ensure ordinary looking dish with extraordinary taste.
Bacon Cabonara
Friendship Platter
Friendship platter is meant to be shared among a bunch of friends. It combines Wings' signature snacks- the crispy salty and spicy wings, pork fries, fried abalone mushrooms, porcupine franks and Wings Mojo fries!

In conjunction with the 13 years celebration, Wings is organizing a singing competition of finding new musical talents. Three top winners will have the opportunity to present during their campaign finale, i.e. 13 Years Grand Live House at DPAC at the mid of November.

For more info on Wings Musicafé, plug into the website at

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  1. Aiyorr...the food looks super yummy! Nice place to hang out with friends, Emily. ^.^

  2. Everything looks amazing!!
    Take care*


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