TAG La Great Items Tracking Tool

TAG La which sounds like TAG Along is a new little gadget invented to help people to find the missing items. TAG La Bluetooth Tracker is designed to keep track of important items that are easy to lose, such as phones, keys, and iPads, TAG La is a tiny, versatile and lightweight tracker that can alert the user to the location of any item through sound or light. But for sure we need to put this tracker to the items.

“TAG La will forever eliminate the frustrations of not being able to find the car keys right before an important meeting or dinner,” said Lim Huang Xian, Founder of TAG La Trading. “We’ve all been there and know how stressful last minute searching can be. With TAG La, a simple app connected to the phone will alert the user on the exact location of the missing items through sound or light.”

TAG La is small, portable, and convenient to place, slide or even stick to valuable items. With an effective distance of 75 feet in open range without barriers, no location in the house or car is too far for TAG La to pick up on. The innovative device even alerts users through the app if they’re leaving home without something important.

The possibilities are limitless with TAG La,” said Xian. “Bluetooth Tracking isn’t the only thing it does – it warns users of items they should consider bringing with them before they leave, and works as a camera clicker for taking pictures. Don’t waste time searching for items around the house anymore. Grab a TAG La and focus on the things in life that really matter.”

Let's watch the clip how it works! TAG La is available in black, green, yellow, red, blue and white colors. For more information, or to consider the tiny, portable Bluetooth Tracker today, visit: http://www.tagla.com.my


  1. The ideal thing for me - I'm losing everything.

  2. Oh god this seems really nice! I should get a few of these for some of my friends xD
    Take care*

  3. such an interesting new thing! i've never heard of this before!!

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