Pink by Pure Beauty Party with Watsons

Hoolah, I'm back! Sorry that I MIA for quite a long time. I was so busy with a lot of things and I just finish my comprehensive examination (writing). I have no idea if I will need to have oral examination soon. By the way, I worked very hard during the past week when everyone went off for Raya vacation. I sat in front of my laptop reading journals and finding the answers for the questions. Last night I slept late at 3.30am while rushing for the dateline which is today. I feel a bit relax for now but I know that is just a while. Next my SV will come to ask for my research progress report :( 

Adui...before I am fully occupied with works again, I would like to share a beauty event I joined last month. I just managed rush to there after work. This is my second time being here. The parking rate is bit expensive if enter before 6pm. After 6pm, it is RM2 per entry. (yip....I went after 6pm xoxo)

It was a party hosted by Watsons and Pink by Pure Beauty. The Pink Party session was held in partnership with ZALORA and ELITE Hair.

To kick start the Pink Party session, celebrity chef Lioniel was invited to demonstrate on a pink pudding and cookies making session. The engagement session allowed Watsons VIP members and blogger’s the best tip of preparing this savory especially in time for the coming Hari Raya celebration. (sorry I know that Raya is over by now....) Chef Lioniel (the guy holding mic) sat next to me during dinner, we had some chats that day. He has his own restaurant too at Jalan Ampang. By the way, he said he never eat the cookies he makes. Any thought? 

Pure Beauty and Pink by Pure Beauty is from the same company. But for what I observe, Pink by Pure Beauty product is essential for pre make up application. From the packaging, Pink by Pure Beauty is surely more attractive and also creative! Pudding cream labelled on the product is inedible but for skin application :)

Ads time (LOL):Pink by Pure Beauty is an exclusive Watsons brand and formulated using the unique combination of PhyotCellTec Alps Rose, Pink Flower Capsule and active natural whitening ingredients which help to brighten the skin and creates a perfect hydration balance to reveal a naturally bright pinkish fair skin that every young lady wish for.

The usage of PINK’s beauty range is easy to achieve within three steps to a glowing, luminous pinkish radiant skin. The first steps are to moisture and clarify with PINK’s so fresh ESSENCE WATER which applies to all skin type. The next step is to correct and improve where it is recommended to apply the so glow ESSENCE for normal skin and so light DEWY LOTION to dehydration. And lastly to complete the process is to protect and enhance with so smooth PUDDING CREAM and so BLUR CREAM.

Leading online fashion platform ZALORA also came in to provide the latest tips on Hijab demonstration during the Pink Party session. The 5 specially created style are touted to be popular during the Hari Raya celebration month. I just watched how she transformed from one style of hijab to the end I forgot about all...adui...It's complicated to wrap by the way and I'm not hijabista/muslimah LOL

Till here, next weekend I will go to Genting Highlands for Fashion Forest review with nature guide. Stay tune :)


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