Value For Money Watsons House Brands

The household brands from Watsons have been a favorite amongst all customers in particular Watsons VIP members whereby monthly promotion dedicated to exclusive VIP members were given a priority. Watsons believes that Malaysian consumers will warm up to the unbeatable combination of quality, variety and affordability offered by the Watsons Brand.

According to Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Watsons Malaysia, “Watsons is a major player in the health and beauty retail. In Asia alone, we managed to sell more than 260 million Watsons Brand products to date. We want our customers to be sure of the quality of Watsons Brand, hence an extensive research and development programme and stringent quality process goes into each Watsons Brand item to create products that are safe and effective in meeting our customers’ needs. In fact, each. Watsons Brand product is put through an 18-month quality control test. And we test them again throughout the production process, to make sure that our customers receive nothing but the best.”

To further strengthen on this statement, Watsons Malaysia welcomed 5 top Malaysian celebrities to show their love for Watsons Brand to the media.Celebrated actor and model, JC Chee, beauty queen and host, Lee Yvonne, singer, Nomad, singer and host, Dayah Bakar and TV actor, Ikmal Amry came forward to share their personal testimony during a chit chat session with the media. Each Watsons celebrity friend was introduced to the media and paraded with their personal favorite Watsons brand product which was also showcased through a compilation video already shown on Watsons Malaysia’s YouTube and Facebook platform and to date has gained more than 260,000 views online.

The 5 Watsons celebrity friend had the opportunity of a lifetime for a shopping spree experience with 10 lucky media members and blogger’s community. They were divided into 5 groups and challenged to a timed shopping spree for Watsons Brand products at Watsons new concept store in Sunway Pyramid. The winning team received the biggest cheer as they brought home the whole Watsons Brand products that were snapped during the shopping spree, nearing the amount of RM888. The shopping spree was to showcase that Watsons Brand products are economically valued and quality for all household users.

Watsons celebrity friends and the lucky media members and blogger’s community then joined by Caryn and Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia for a group photo.

(shared from Watsons Malaysia)


  1. Oh yes, I love shopping at Watsons too! I got my Senior Citizen card when I joined the 50s Club last year & I get 10% shopping with them now! xoxo

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  3. Oh, I love Watsons! I used to go to Watsons a lot when I was still living in Taiwan.
    Now that I moved to NYC for good, no more Watsons :(


    1. ops sad to hear that
      I hope you get to visit one soon!

  4. Great post ! Kisses beauty :)

  5. Ooo..what an exciting event. I love going to Watsons especially to get gifts!


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