Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe

 TOKB is the very first military concept cafe in Malaysia. Strategically located at Petaling Jaya which is not far away from University Malaya Medical Centre, this latest eatery is certainly a must visit place for all! TOKB stands for Taste of Kota Bahru, the cafe serves up tantalizing Kelantanese dishes prepared by 2 head chefs, namely Puan Norma binti Salleh from Kelantan, lovingly dubbed as Kak Ma by others and Lucas Lee, one of the 2 founders of the cafe.
Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13 
The cafe occupies a fair area of the ground floor of the newly built 18 storey Avenue D'Vogue and has ample parking space in the basement with some lots reserved for cafe diners on the ground floor.
  Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13
TOKB cafe serves authentic Kelantanese fare such as Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang, Laksam, Nasi Rocket (Nasi Tumpang), and Teh Atom (Teh Tarik Madu). They also offer Japanese and Western tidbits like Edamame and Smoked Salmon canapes demonstrating the 2 ruling powers who landed in Malaya in early days.

Nasi Kerabu RM17.90
Nasi Kerabu is a fragrant blue rice served with ayam goreng. kerisik sambal ikan, solok lada, salted egg, fresh aromatic herbs accompanied by budu and sambal belacan. It is a signature dish of Kelantanese.

Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak RM16.90
This is the favourite dish among us. The paste is tasty which has been corporate with durian and really appetizing to eat together with rice!

Nasi Rocket RM15.90

Nasi Rocket with Beef Serunding is a special dish for me. The concept is like the dumpling however Nasi Rocket has a different shape and the filling is separate by layer. Diners can choose either fish serunding or beef serunding stuffing together with gulai ikan tonggol and gulai udang. It is traditionally known as Nasi Tunpang, the multi-tiered cone shaped rice was once a convenient, daily fuel for fishermen, farmers, workers on the go!

Ikan Keli Paprik RM12.90

Laksam RM13.90
Laksa is one of our famous Malaysian cuisine. There are many different presentations and every state has its own laksa. This flat rice noodle rolls in creamy white fish and coconut gravy is known as laksam, laksa of Kelantan.

Ayam Masak Merah RM11.90

Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13
Gulai Udang RM14.90
Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13
Teh Atom RM9
Teh  Atom is teh tarik with honey. The honey adds a good dose of natural sweetness to Malaysian's favourite drink, at the same time contributing to its intense frothy texture!

Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13

Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13

Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13

Spanning over 6000 sq feet, the cafe has a semi outdoor area for alfresco dining, an indoor air conditioned area and a cosy mezannine floor, all in all seating around 100 diners comfortably. And for private functions, the area can be further extended to accommodate up to 300 pax!

Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13

Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13

 Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13

Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13

Fans of the cafe can opt to join Loyalty program which will see them accorded with their very own engraved military dog tag bearing the key personal details and ranking from Sergeant to General, depicting their discount entitlement beginning from 8% all the way up to 22%.


Taste of Kota Bahru (TOKB) Cafe @ PJ Section 13
The cafe is open for dining from 12pm to 9pm daily with take out options. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/tokbcafe/

Ground Floor, Menara Inspiration (Avenue D'Vogue),
No. 3A, Jalan 13/2, Section 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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