Make-UP workshop with PUPA International Make up Artist

For Chinese, there is a saying goes by: No ugly women in this world but lazy women. Could you guess its meaning? We believe every woman is beautiful and of course we need time to take care of it, thus we cannot be lazy. While beauty lies in every woman, we need help to let it shine out.

Beauty is in every woman. Beauty is for every woman.

Recently, I came across a brand known as Pupa. What Pupa? That’s my first thought of it. I was thinking about the insect which undergoing transformation during a certain life stage. But for certain, I’m not talking about the pupa insect, Pupa is a famous beauty brand in Italian cosmetic industry. Pupa was found by Angelo Gatti in 1974 in Milan,capital city of fashion and design in Italy. Always fascinated by beauty, he came up with the make-up kit tobring color, make-up, fashion and magic together. The company quickly became a leader in the Italian cosmetic industry with the brand name Pupa. Make-up kits became its unmistakable signature all over the globe.

I was recently invited for Pupa make up demonstration workshop in SaSa, IOI City Mall. The reception table was beautifully decorated with flowers with purple, pink, red, orange colour theme which at one glance I might mistakenly thought that I was attending wedding banquet. Nevertheless, the colour theme which represent Pupa gave me the first impression of feminine and lovely. 


This was my first time seeing a vanity table in SaSa for customers to sit down and try their products.

This time Pupa brought in their limited edition – Dot Shock for all Malaysian. Any polka dot fans here? Instead of black and white, Pupa gives a new interpretation for modern and colourful polka dots trends. The golden packaging of Dot Shock collection looks glam and sophisticated at the same time.

With a brand new set of Pupa Dot Shock makeup kit in front of me, I can’t resist it and I can’t stop myself of not trying them. I applied Pupa Dot Shock colour gel on my nails. 001 Sugar Peach and 002 Fair Pink are matt nail polish while 136 Shock Fuchsia and 137 Fancy Red are glossy like glass effect on nails. Well, I could not tell which colours I like the most as I have different preference according to my mood. But I can tell what I like about the Dot Shock colour gel. It is easy to apply with a very smooth texture on my nail, it does not very runny but good enough to spread out. It dries fast as well!

Pupa also comes out with their unique compact palette filled with 5 essential highly pigmented eyeshadows in never-seen-before polka dots design for immediate and radiant look.Such innovative packaging right?

Pupa international makeup artist, Giorgio Forgani demonstrated how great their Dot Shock eyeshadow palette is during the event.

It works effortlessly on the model with the sensory quality of a cream for a liquid powder effect.

Makeup technique shared by Giorgio for spring/summer look with Dot Shock collection (using Spring Sunset eyeshadow colour):  
1. Tonalize the central part of the eyelid with apricot shade.

2. Intensify the tail of the eye then go back into the crease using the dark brown colour with golden reflections.

3. Use the sand gold colour to blend the brown one up to the eyebrows.

4. Illuminate the tear duct with apricot gold shade.

5. Create a highlight below the eyebrow arch using ivory colour.

The silky melt on texture is result from the blendability and great colour performance of the eyeshadow powder. 

Dot Shock blusher becomes my current craze and the most liked product among all. In short, it is my favourite of the series. 


Dot Shock blusher is formulated with precious ultra-fine pearls which comes in a range of subtle pink and peach shades.I could mistake it as candy for its tempting look if place it at my table. Oh am I too hungry right now? 

It brightens up the face for a fresh looking and naturally glowing complexion. Besides, put your nose closer to the product, it gives out a sweet fragrance with lovely enveloping feeling.

For more information about Pupa Dot Shock limited edition, do check out your nearest SaSa store J

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  1. Used to enjoy browsing around Sasa outlet in KL but that was many years ago. Now I hardly use makeup. Some day I do miss of putting on make up. hahaha!

    Pupa! Yup, my first thought was the pupa insect.

    1. haha you should put on some make up when attending important occasion

  2. I love that quote,its so true
    Everything is so beautiful
    Great makeup

  3. Oh, Pupa is still around? They used to be very popular in my younger days, but I don't seem to see the brand anymore in S'pore. Very sweet colours, Emily! xoxo

  4. I love the colours in this range. It's sweet - my kind of thing! ^.^


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