Brand New Refurbished Room at Tower 2, First World Hotel

One of my most unforgettable experience in Genting Highland was unable to get a room for overnight on Christmas day when we were told no more bus ticket return to KL in the evening. I remembered my friend and I asked for every hotel at Genting Highland but was told fully booked. However, we had a bit luck on that day as we managed to find a cushion chair nearby the casino to have some short naps over the night. I was sleepless and worried the whole night if anyone stole our belongings while we fell sleep. So, don't be like me, plan and book early the hotel prior to your departure! 

Genting Highland is under renovation and refurbishment currently. While waiting for 20th Century Fox World Genting to open in late 2016, one can have staycation to chill out during the hot day which could reach 38 degree celcius during the day resulting from El Nino.

First World Hotel features a total of 7,351 rooms, it has set the Guinness World Record for Largest Hotel in the World (by number of rooms). With so many rooms, but they are fully booked on weekend and 80% occupancy on normal days. There are 3 towers in First World Hotel, the new Tower 3 located furthest away from the lobby. Even though I wished I could stay in Tower 3 as I was offered a room in Tower 2, but the staff told me that there was no difference for the room interior between these two towers after refurbishment. Well, I was thankful too as for someone who is aged like me, I prefer not to walk too far with heavy luggage :P The room I stayed this time is known as XYZ deluxe (RM228 low season- RM461 super peak season) room.

The toilet is just at our left side as we entered the room. There is no door between the toilet and outside. The only thing there was the compartments for the shower place, making "business" (of course this place has a glass door) and sink.


A fridge, a safety box, coffee making table, clothes hanging cupboard and a place to put our luggage.

A flat screen TV and enough power port to charge our phones and camera. We can charge without the plug with the USB port at the wall.

The room is good for staycation but if you are coming for works, it is a bit troublesome as they don't have study table in the room. That's my short excursion to Genting Highlands, there will be more to come in future. Stay tune!


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