Night Safari @ Myne Resort, Bilit Village

At night, we went off to night safari to observe the nocturnal animals at the nearby forest of Myne Resort.


The big moths at the floor of the entrance of the resort.


 The "guests" which come every night at Myne Resort for the food are the wild boar from the forest. When they are full, they will run back to the forest.

 We boarded on the small truck and ready for our expedition.

We never got down from the truck, sat at the slowly moving truck while the resort staff using the lamp to irradiate the trees.

The stick insect which resembles a stick. It needs a pair of sharp eyes with good observation to find it in dark. I seen this before but it was a specimen at the museum :S This time, I able to see it lively in front of me.

We found civet. But it was too shy to face us and thus immediately hide behind the tree branches afterwards. (civet:a slender nocturnal carnivorous mammal with a barred and spotted coat and well-developed anal scent glands)


We found 2 owls at the front yard of resort. It stopped at the ground looking for something.

Then I saw another owl resting at the trees. It was frowning at the first picture. I was surprised that I could easily spot an owl which is not commonly found in KL.

Another rooster was sitting at a tree branch. Who say rooster can't fly? But of course, they can't fly high to the sky like other birds. The night safari is fun and a fruitful tour. You guys should not miss this place if you would like to see those nocturnal animals. I have 2 friends who were so scared at the truck throughout the journey but lastly they enjoyed the tour too. I wish to visit Selingan Island, Sandakan next time for the green and hawksbill turtle. Till here my simple write up about the night safari at Myne Resort. I will share more about Sandakan town next time :D


  1. Amazing experience ! Your photos are beautiful. Kisses :)

  2. Wow, very interesting trip. And a little bit scary...

    1. yeah bit scary go into jungle at night
      but that is another kind of experience :D

  3. emily.. im spotter this time... not civet.. but slow loris.. slow loris 1 of 10 primates in borneo

  4. Going on an evening safari looks like so much fun!! Those big moths are so beautiful, and seeing all those animals in person (and not behind cages, like at the zoo) must have been so awesome.


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