Kenalanmu Restaurant Sandakan, Sabah

 One of the things that should not miss in Sandakan is the local seafood. The Sandakan seafood is well known for its freshness with reasonable price. I asked a friend to suggest for a nice place to dine in Sandakan as she stayed there for a few years time and married with a local. She recommended Kenalanmu Steamboat Restaurant and I was delighted when I was taken to there during my visit. Kenalanmu Steamboat Restaurant has been reputed as one of the best restaurants in Sandakan by Tripadvisor.

The price list for the seafood is listed at the board. 

 The crunchy fried seafood taufu (bean curd) is always my favourite

 Salty sweet spicy butter prawn

Spicy fried squid

Crunchy salty soft shell crab :D It is a bit salty for me but I'm surprised they serve soft shell crab in the restaurant which is not common and mostly found in Japanese restaurant. 

The fresh Kerapu fish
All meal must be balanced with vegetables and fruits after having all the meats. 

The restaurant is full that day. Everyone at my table is obsessed with the seafood and dishes in front of them.

3 glasses of beer that day gifted from the guys at the next table.

 Presentation ceremony

I have no idea about our bills that night as someone paid it. But if you are looking for a comfy place that is always visited by the local together with affordable price, here is where you should come over. Tourism Sabah has launched Sabah Food Trail package which included Sandakan as it is dubbed as seafood paradise by all. If you wish to explore Sandakan further with guidance of the great food and places to visit, please refer here.


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