Clam Digging @ Kampung Mangkuk, Setiu, Terengganu

 What other things to do in Terengganu? I believe everyone will have such question in mind. Now I'm sharing a fun activity that we did a month back during Squid Jigging Festival in Terengganu. On day 3, we headed over to Kampung Mangkuk Jetty, Setiu for clamming. Clamming or clam digging is a North American term for a common way to harvest clams from below the surface of the tidal sand flats or mud flats where they live. It is done both recreationally (for enjoyment or as a source of food) and commercially (as a source of income).



We had been arranged into 5 persons per boat.


A boat passed from our side. Did you notice any similarity among these 3 photos? Yes, the guy in front was having the victory posture facing our cameras. I guessed he likes to be snapped :P
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Out of sudden, the boatman purposely speed off, turning left and right occasionally which made the boat tilted to one side and the terrifying us screamed out so loud. And this picture is featured in an online travel magazine in Taiwan :D

We stopped at a place that is not far away from the shore. 


At first, most of us hesitated to get down but then after seeing one after another dipped into the water, others followed.

Commercial clam digging done using mechanical dredging or spading fork or clam hoe, but we used only our feet to dig and feel it :D So isn't Rachel, my friend look sexy with that posture? :P


Rachel was the first person got down from our boats to experience the clam digging activity. She was over excited when she finally found one clam after the hard work xoxo

She showed me her hauls of the day 

Laura was ready to get down to water as she already wore her swimming pant but then backed off when she was there. Emily Lowe and I kept persuading her to go down and I hope she would not regret as I had the great shot of her having J.Lo's butt :P


She is fun and sporting woman. You will definitely love her :D Well, all of us kept laughing when they saw this picture xoxo I showed her, and she said she must learn to use instagram and deleted this picture in my account. Till now, she yet to register an account LOL 

Both of them having so much fun at the water. They even danced while finding clam with their feet. Please watch their video here


Laura went back to the boat to rest after a while.


We had some very funny jokes at the boat with some strangers at the other boats when Laura was there. I was asking Emily Lowe to take my pictures and the guys at other boats shot me at the same time. Thus, Laura said to them:" If you wanna shot (me), you gonna pay with your clam digged...."(the conversation went on and on, we talked nonsense.....sorry can't remember exactly what she told but that's really made us laugh in tears)


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 Emily Lowe (middle) and Laura have great sense of humour. When both of them together, what I heard was their laughter. Definitely one will not be bored when they are around.

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   The posture is too mainstream...I need something different
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When clams get into a playful person like me, that is what to be expected.

I had no idea how much time we spent for clam digging, but for sure everyone had fun. He was the tour guide sitting together with us at the same boat. I asked him to have both hands crossing in front of his chest to have a 'cool look' but then the outcome was not something that I want. In fact, he looked funny :P


The unexpected guest for our clamming- little crab :D

 Our hauls for our boat

It was not an easy job for clamming. Please do not waste your food as you have no idea how difficult the persons doing this (clamming) for livelihood. Experience yourself and you will know it.


Picturesque view of Kampung Mangkuk Jetty at Setiu, Terengganu 

More Terengganu posts after this. Leave your comments about the post. Thank you. Wish you guys have a nice day.


  1. Fantastic ,so much Fun :)
    Great Pics <3

    lovely Greets!

  2. It is fun! I want to experience it too.

  3. I would love to have this kind of experience. It look so much fun! After that can eat fresh clam soup and chilli garlic stir fried clams...gosh just by thinking about this make me wanna eat this.

  4. Amazing photos, hope you had fun! ^_^

  5. Clam digging sounds like a lot of fun

  6. that looks fun
    Amazing pictures too

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  8. emily look beautiful..great..and i'm sure you're happy on that moment..

  9. Very nice experience, I also want to have it if I can...

  10. Oh, how fun! I've yet to visit Terengganu, dear. Would love to join in the fun too! xoxo

  11. Great moments ! It looks so fun :)


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