NBOS Voluntutoring: Sembang Santai Bersama Industri Pelancongan Malaysia @ Pullman, Bangsar

Hari Raya is around the corner, oh no it is 2 more days ahead. How time flies! What is your plan? Back to hometown or planning a vacation? No matter what you guys having in your plan, be safe on the road yeah! Today I will just share a meet up with friends from Santai Travel magazine and some sharing session by them.


First time I attended the event held without chair.  I'm okay to sit at the floor like this but not more than 1 hour as my legs would be numb. Luckily it ended fast. LOL


Talk by Mr Zulkifli Ahmad about tourism and stress management. I did not pay much attention but what I heard mostly was the funny jokes between a husband and wife from newly wed till old age. How would you address your wife/husband when you just newly wed? baby? sayang? dear? How would you address your wife/husband when both of you married for more than 40 years? Eh? deaf? Shouting at your partner without calling his/her name?


Some of the delicacies I had at Pullman Bangsar hotel :D


Familiar faces of Santai Travel Magazine :D

with Joanne Rabbit


Pullman Bangsar not only serving an array of Arabian dishes but also fresh durian sourced from local farm :D I was thinking of having durian just before the day and finally I had it :D


See our plate of durian :P 


with travel blogger, Mr Rusli

Last but not least, wishing my Malay friend/ readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and happy holiday to those not celebrating. 


  1. sounds like a lovely event. Sorry to hear you had to sit on the floor.


  2. Durian is this fruit, which smell not nice? Or I'm wrong?

    1. haha it depends on individual
      some hate it, while some love it so much

  3. Will be busy entertaining a friend who flying over during the holiday.

    Gosh. They talk about those stuff in seminar? Haha.

    Happy holiday to you.

  4. it looks like a really nice event and the food looks delicious :D xoxo

  5. Happy holiday Emily, what is your plan for this holiday?


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