Fun Snorkeling Time @ Beautiful Redang Island, Terengganu

Terengganu, overlooking the South China Sea with its scenic sandy coastline is famed for its 244km stretch of unpolluted and panoramic beaches such as Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Bidong, Demia, Kapas, Tenggol and Redang. Besides squid jigging, we also involved in other activities such as snorkelling in the waters of Redang.


How to get to Redang: Approximately 45 km off Kuala Terengganu, lies Pulau Redang. The island is reachable either by a one and half hour journey by ferry from Shahbandar Jetty in Kuala Terengganu or by a 40 minute speedboat ride from the Merang jetty.


We had been arranged to board in the ferry at Shahbandar Jetty. It was comfortable with air-conditioner till some falling asleep.


with Sangkhun Macho from Korea, one of the participants


Sheltered within the Pulau Redang gazetted Marine Park, the waters here are rich in marine life. This paradise like island is a perfect place for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, jungle trekking, boating and canoeing.

*Marine Park is an area of the sea zone 2 nautical miles from the shore at lowest low tide as a sanctuary for the protection of its ecosystem expecially coral reefs and it fauna and flora.


Snorkeling and diving provides the best means of observing and enjoying the coral reefs of Redang island. The waters in the park provides one of the most enjoyable and spectacular diving spots in Peninsular Malaysia. Visibility is excellent during most parts of the year.


It was so hot in the afternoon. Nevertheless, there was flocks of snorkelers and divers seeking fun in the sun, sand and sea, escaping reality of concrete jungle for a truly memorable holiday in the tropics.



noob me...excited to be in the water surrounded with beautiful fishes


Snapping with my smartphone with waterproof bag that newly bought....hmm it was hard to touch and press under water...somehow the phone was not functioning in the water even though water was not leaking into the bag.


The marine water of Redang island lies within the Indo-Pacific region. The diversity of marine fauna of the  Indo-Pacific region exceeds that even of other tropical regions. It has many families that are not found elsewhere. It contains about 500 species of reef building corals, over 1000 species of bivalves and about 3000 species of fish.


The only two pictures that I satisfied 


We were given only an hour for snorkeling activity at the island. I must say it was not enough for me!


Bye to Redang :"C Hope to return to you soon, the beautiful island. Stay tune, I have more to share about Terengganu ^^

My heartfelt thanks to Tourism Terengganu and Gaya Travel for the invitation of the trip.


  1. My honeymoon spot back in 2005!! I love the beautiful sea and sea creatures. Now I missed them, looking at your photos. Plan to go back there but this time wait till my children are older. ;)

    1. well, it is indeed a nice place for water activity
      and I'm pretty sure kids will like it as well

  2. it was a great time, I've never done snorkeling before :D
    should try someday :)

  3. Another amazing adventure and that water looks so clear I enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.

  4. Amazing place in Malaysia... I also want to go to Redang someday ^-^

    1. go go go
      you definitely fall in love with it

  5. You are in Paradise ! Your photos are magical :)

  6. What a beautiful place. Would love to come here one day. :)


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