Cleo & Za Beauty Workshop @ Connexion, Nexus Bangsar South City

Last month, I was invited to Cleo & Za Beauty Workshop at Connexion @ Nexus Bangsar South City. Such a surprise for me when they contacted me as I never meet them before. Nevertheless,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Cleo magazine for giving me this opportunity to attend the workshop which I learn something new!


I never been to Connexion @ Nexus, Bangsar South. When I was there, I was amazed with the venue of the workshop being held. Everything looked so grand!


The seating: 10 persons per table..The table was equipped with mirrors and Za products for us to try :)

As well as a few sheets of blank papers, stationery to make notes and a pack of beauty tools.


The invited speaker of the workshop was Megumi Mitsui, Za Global Trainer from Japan. Been in industry for 16 years, Megumi actively conducts beauty workshops and training programs across countries like China, Thailand and India.


The first half of the workshop was about skin care from proper cleansing to pampering with mask. As Megumi explaining at the stage, everyone at the table followed as what she taught.


The second half of the workshop was about makeup. Some product information of Za were shared...



My friend Joanne was trying the perfect fit concealer from Za.


 Za foundation
I bought Za two way foundation previously and it is still my favorite.


Za eye brow liner
With first glance, I thought it was a lip liner xoxo

The refreshment served after the event in buffet style :D

Everyone was given a goodies bag worth RM100 :D


I'm kinda obsessed with lipsticks of different packaging...want to try different shades from different brands too! Girls always girls.....we never feel enough with beauty products we have hahaha


  1. You look so cute! Lovely pictures!

  2. Wow! Nice goody bag. I used to read Cleo magazine.

  3. Sounds like a great fun event!! You look lovely <3

  4. wah, the event looks grands leh~

  5. Great post, looks like a very interesting event! x

    The Belle Narrative

  6. I see another great event. And I envy you a little bit :)

    1. hmm no should not
      you might have something that I dont

  7. that lipstick looks lovely,
    the event sounds awesome like you really had agreat time

  8. So great you had fun at this event (and a full goody bag!) :-)

    Have a fantastic day,

  9. Wow, I'm so jealous you got to go! It sounds like you had an incredible time <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  10. Very nice products. You are so cute :)

  11. Very nice article, have a great week

  12. I'm a Malaysian but I've never been to Terengganu before! I definitely want to visit there now. The products from Za look absolutely amazing too xx

    La'bell |


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