Perfecto Popcorn Launching with Movie Experience @ Cathay Cineplex, E-Curve

What is your best companion when you watch movie? I believe popcorn will be your answer if you are moviegoer. I do love popcorn but I'm quite fussy with it. Nevertheless, Perfecto popcorn has surprised me with its 3 new flavours -Ultimate Caramel, Chocolate in Love, and French Vanilla.

Never heard of Perfecto? It is the latest company's offerings by Mamee Double Decker who is currently in possession of more than 36% volume share in Malaysia's snack market.

During the launch, I was delighted with their colourful special selection of canapes, mocktails and heavenly desserts infused with the popcorn flavours to tease guests.


The highlight for the event that stirred excitement of every guests was the special screening of 'SPY' in the cinema hall while enjoying the Perfecto popcorn! Everyone was thrilled with the luxury movie experience!

I really like Perfecto popcorn as each piece is 100% coated as promised. It is now available nationwide at the retail price of RM4.50 for the small pouch (85g) and RM7.50 for the big pouch (160g).

For more information, visit PERFECTO official FB at


  1. I saw the Perfecto ads is everywhere and during the cinema movie start, haha

  2. Very nice post ! Your photos are delicious.
    Kisses Emily :)

  3. This looks too delicious I want popcorn now.

  4. i never heard this brand before..may be this is first time i know from your blog..

  5. that food looks soooo delicious! :D xoxo

  6. great post,
    those popcorn looks so yummy

  7. Waaa....look at all the goodies! I'm excited to see new popcorn, Emily. One of my favourite snacks! ^.^

  8. Nice product, I want to try it...


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