I was not a morning person. But to complete my task that is attending Graduan Aspire opening ceremony and Aspire 500 conference, I have to sacrifice my sleep time and wake up as early as 6.30 am from my comfy bed. By the way, I was not finding a job or planning further study. Nevertheless, such exposure (Graduan Aspire) definitely giving me a new insight of current market needs, opportunities available for my field and the company's expectation towards the talents.

There are a few exhibition running at the same time at KLCC but in different halls. Nevertheless, clear signage and friendly workers are ready to help you if you not sure the location.

Officiating the opening ceremony of GRADUAN ASPIRE 2015 was the guest of honour, YB Tuan P. Kamalanathan, Deputy Minister of Education, who was joined by Puan Elia Talib, Managing Director of GRADUAN and Encik Johan Merican, CEP of Talent Coporation Malaysia.


Following next was ASPIRE 500 Conference which is one of the highlight throughout the fair. This year conference panel featured YBhg Datuk Johan Idris, Managing Partner of KPMG, YBhg Dato' Georg Fischer, CEO f TESCO, Abbas Saad, Sports Presenter, Johan Merican, CEO of Talent Corporation Malaysia and Lai Tak Ming, director of Group Human Resources and Admin of Gamuda Berhad. Entitled Challenges: Opportunity vs. Obstacles, the renowned leaders shared with us on how to transform challenges into opportunities and use them to meet employer's expectation in the market.


There is a Q&A session, talent can questioning the CEOs and directors regarding the job seeking and prospective career. To my surprise, the most important thing the companies look for in a resume is not your experience and qualification but your aspirations which will eventually contribute to the company. For the new grads who will join the workforce later, you must clear with what you want and have a passion into the job you applying. Choose what you love and love what you do. "There are challenges in the very competitive market, ASAP is what one should apply which stands for Acknowledge the problem/mistake and Solve it As Possible." told by Mr Lai Tak Ming who has engineering background, started his career as a teacher and joined Gamuda when he was over 30 years old by that time.

What I agree the most is that learning does not stop after we graduate instead we should keep learning even though we have been employed as learning is a life long process!  


That is a registration counter located outside the hall. Register for a chance to win lucky draw and above all no entrance fee charged.


If you are from IT, account and engineering background, do check out TalentCorp booth as they have various programs to equip unemployed graduates with industry needed skills via a place-and-train methodology to enhance their employability and marketability.


Undergraduates? Looking for some interesting program to spend your semester break? Well, you will not be "empty handed" this time. University Leadershop development Programme (ULDP) by Axiata is a summer camp style programme open to Malaysian undergraduates studying in local and overseas universities from 31 July till 14 August 2015. A selected group of students who have completed the programme will have the opportunity to apply what they learnt through their 8 weeks Structured Internship Programme the following year. Moreover, all expenses incurred during the programme from 31 July till 14 August 2015 will be borne by Axiata. Ask for further details from the staff at the booth or you might visit www.facebook.com/AxiataYoungTalentProgramme if you can't.

DRB-HICOM is one of the Malaysia's leading organizations listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia. With more than 80 operating companies, the Group's business activities are organized under 3 core sectors- automative; services; property, asset and construction. Do check out vacancy available in the organization if you keen to work there.


Some booths even giving out goodies bag to visitors! This is really unexpected! I got a few small packs of coffee powder, Nestum, Milo ready to drink pack and instant noodles from Nestle. Tesco also generously giving out potato chips in a cylindrical container packing like those we seen selling at the rack of supermarket/ hypermarket.

It's last day today! Hurry before it ends! Good luck to all applicants!
For more information, please visit http://graduan.com/aspire


  1. I agree. We never stop learning. Everyday is a learning day.

  2. Is great to learn more thing you never know when it comes in handy awesome post.

  3. This event is open our minds to the opportunities available in the job market

  4. this is a great initiative. We should have these seminars here too.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  5. Wow, pretty good crowd at the event! Looks like a fruitful one, Emily! xoxo

  6. wow,that must be so enlightening
    you must have learnt alot

  7. Yes, learning is a lifelong thing. There is so much to explore! ^.^

  8. Great post dear,follow me on gfc and i follow you back,now i follow you on google+ i hope you follow me to!!!kiss

  9. I wake up at 5.00 a.m. every day, so 6.30 is for me a luxus.

  10. wow, that looks like a really interesting event! and I agree: you never stop learning! :) xoxo

  11. Very nice event. We never stop learning, it is a fact ! :)


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