Mayfair Facial and Body Slimming Review + Giveaway worth RM538

Today I’m going to share a facial and slimming treatment done in Mayfair, located at Pavilion Beauty Hall. This was my first time visiting the beauty hall even though I have been to Pavilion for many times.

In case you have question or unfamiliar with Mayfair, here is some simple introduction. Mayfair Bodyline has more than 30 years of experience in slimming and beauty industry. As leading slimming, facial and spa center designed as one-stop beauty center, their services come with advance technologies. Operated by a team of professionally-trained consultants and therapists, besides facials and body slimming treatments, a series of body pampering treatments also bring you through a sensory journey that comes with satisfy result which you will be proud to flaunt.

Welcomed with warm greeting, the Mayfair outlet in Pavilion is clean, tidy and comfy.

Being asked to sit at the sofa for a cup of tea and filled up the form like above, next the beauty consultant came and introduced herself and led me to the consultation room.

It is a small room equipped with a computer and camera for skin screening.

So that’s how my facial skin condition looks like after magnified and captured by the camera. A bit awful right? There is still dirt even though we cleaned our faces every day. After looking through our skin problem and a short discussion with the consultant, I decided to go for the IST Lifting treatment which is recommended by her.

So next, we being brought to this corner to take off our shoes and kept our belongings at the locker.

The products used are packaged with their brand name.

The very first step of the facial treatment started with double cleansing and proceeded with steam to open our pores for extraction. I don’t feel any pain throughout the extraction session.

A roller with small power of electricity rolling at the face for lifting.This Intensice Cell Lift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses electrodes stimulate the dermal layer to produce more collagen to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Ok, look at the picture for the amazing result. The right cheek is flatter than the left cheek. That’s the result after the lifting therapy.

The last step is revitalizing mask and eye mask. It is cool to skin and I was told the nature of the product is like that. The main ingredient of the mask is orchid. Can you imagine the orchid at the roadside can be used for mask making? They did not even put the mask in the fridge for the cooling sensation. I feel super relax and nearly put me into sleep. After 20-30 mins till the mask dry, they peeled off the mask and applied the moisturizer and sunblock. That’s the end of my sharing of facial treatment.

Next, we have slimming session. I was asked which part of the body I want to slim down and my answer is my tummy of course. After changing the clothes, I was put on bed again. Beautician used the Slim Master machine for breaking down fat. By creating intense ultra-sound in fatty layer at the tummy, creating micro-bubble that generated and hits the surface of fat cells, it triggers the implosion and the emulsification of fat cells, which were absorbed by the lymphatic system and drainage system, thus eliminated from the body. It can also stimulate the body to increase secretion of LPL enzyme, which will decompose the fatty acids into energy

What’s more fun throughout the treatment is the Vibe Kinetic Therapy machine or we called it VKT. Vibration effect of VKT is like thousands of small rolling massage with far-infrared that helps to burn fat. The calories consumption is much faster and more efficient compared to normal exercise. For only 10 minutes of time, VKT can consume 500 calories, equivalent to one to two hours of the exercise. Therefore, it helps to speed up weight loss program.

It is really hot when standing near the machine because of the infrared ray illuminated from the machine. I opted to turn it off as I can’t withstand the heat.

Following next is the CLA Chilli Slimming treatment, where the beautician wrapped me with plastic wrap after CLA cream applied to my whole body except the private area. CLA is the essence extracted from chili pepper seeds. The active element in capsicum essence can be effectively and rapidly stimulate the decomposition and excretion of the body fat

So I was put in hot blanket after being wrapped like mummy…LOL

But I know the function of this heat blanket (HEAT Circulation) is to relieve the muscle, improve blood circulation in addition to reduce fluid retention or I would rather say detox.

Mother’s Day is coming. Would you like your mum to have a healthy body and rewards your mummy with something special? Okay, look at here, Mayfair has something to offer in this May - Mother’s Day Promotion RM538.00 for 16 sessions of Body Treatment or 4 sessions of Face Treatment; FOC another 1 x Body Treatment or 1 x Face Treatment

Well, readers I have a giveaway at the same time too! Customized treatment will be given to 10 readers. All you have to do is to comment under the post stating why they want to receive a customized treatment from Mayfair. Comment before 24th May to win!

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  1. great review dear
    that looks so relaxing

  2. This experience must be amazing ! Thank you for this review and have a lovely weekend :)

  3. Wow, Mayfair have the nice promotion.I hope I can bring my mother to the nearest outlet ^-^

  4. Oh wow..... This is interesting... you look fabulous... hehehe

  5. This sounds amazing! Thank you so much for sharing ;u;
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  6. Great pampering. I wish I could have it too. After all the hard works, I need some me-time pampering.

    Good luck to participants.

  7. Wow, great and very professional place.

  8. amazing treatment and pamper. the place looks perfect,


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  9. Awesomeness, Emily and great giveaway - I will spread the word! ^.^

  10. I spread the word for you too... that you call relaxing and pampering moment.

  11. Dear Emily, how was the slimming result after the VKT and CLA chilli treatment?

    1. you need to maintain it for a long time for a significant result


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