The Lively Tamu Sunday Market @ Kota Belud, Sabah

The tamu or Sunday market of Kota Belud is one of the must visit place in Sabah. Tamu is same as 'pasar' (market) in Peninsular Malaysia but called differently and tamu is opened only on Sunday.

Originally known as the Tamu Darat (Land Market) meaning a 'meeting point' where the indigenous Dusun could meet the Bajau, Irranun and Obian Muslims, as well as Chinese traders, to sell or purchase goods.Therefore, one should not miss this place which offers an unrivaled opportunity for discovering some of Sabah's many different ethnic groups, as well as exploring an astonishing variety of produce.


Everything from herbal medicine to mountain-grown vegetables, wild orchids to chilli-laced dried fish, luscious tropical fruit to edible seaweed is on sale. I must say it was an eye opening experience for me to walk inside here.

A booth selling Sarawak traditional medicine 'Raja Kayu' (Wood King). Behind the red cloth,  the medicine man hawks his ware by doing the 'bekam' (cupping therapy) on a patient's body.


All the fresh vegetables and fruits on sale are put on ground with mat and newspaper.


Rungus down from their longhouse preside over handmade brooms and woven baskets while Bajau women turn out a constant stream of deep-fried cakes.



I bought one as souvenir. It just costs me RM3.50.

These two stalls located at the entrance of the market very eye-catching! They are selling fish but the fishes are covered with blackish stuff. I passed by and stared at it for a long time then left. After a while I came back to the same stall and asked the locals what's that? (I'm curious babe, if I did not ask, sure I will be regretful later)

The locals call the fish as ikan prangin. The fishes are preserved with keluak fruit on top and that's why they are black.What's more? They said ikan prangin can directly go for frying after bought without cleaning works. They already done the cleaning works for the fishes before preservation. Anyone had this before? I wondered how ikan prangin taste like?

In KL we got charcoal burger, 'tower like' burger and rice burger, here in Sabah, they also having a very special burger called fried burger.

This is where I stayed for my second night in Sabah. It is quite near to Tamu Sunday market.

This is one of the house in Taun Gusi Village Homestay registered with Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. We stayed with the house owner but not under the same roof.

There is another block of building next to the owner's house. He said that was built for tourists and visitors who stay a night over there.

That's how the living room looks like. It is equipped with fan, TV, refrigerator and study table. I forgot to take the photo of the bedroom.

What's more? They provide free WIFI as well :)

That's the picturesque view from my room. One can see the highest mountain in Malaysia, Kinabalu Mountain from here!

The package offered by the homestay:
3 Days 2 Nights
RM250.00-RM300.00 per person
Visit to ‘Valley of Paddy Field’ – The largest  area of Commercial paddy field in Sabah, Bajau parang making, Handicraft centres, Horse Riding, Experience, River bathing, Visit to Kota Belud weekly Sunday market, Traditional Food Cooking Learning, Cultural Performance (Bertitik).


  1. so many interesting things , specially the hat
    keep in touch

  2. wow another amazing market with item that are fascinated

  3. interesting about the fish. I not sure if i would try it. I'm not a huge fish person.

  4. Amazing photos ! This market is stunning !

  5. The market looks really interesting :3 I liked the key-chains!
    Take care*

  6. Heard so much of this tamu. Must visit it someday. Nice homestay.

  7. Hah! One of the things I miss about home is the tamu. Great post, Emily! ^.^

    1. wow I did not know you come from Sabah...
      Hope I can hear more from you

  8. Nice place for shopping in weekend... In Perlis we called 'nat' that place the villagers sell their products ^_^

    1. wow thanks for your info
      this is my first time knowing it


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