Fascinating Indonesia Food Festival @ Ancasa Hotel KL


Apart from Ayam Penyet, I have no idea about the Indonesian food. Recently Ancasa Hotel KL has launched Fascinating Indonesia Food Festival in collaboration with D’Jawa Resort, Bandung Indonesia.

Nasi Tumpeng

Through my observation, Indonesian cuisines are very flavorful as it combines a unique blend of spice to bring out the best taste in every dish. The uniqueness of spices is discovered this September as the chefs from D’Jawa Resort, Bandung whip up authentic Indonesian recipes under the guidance of skilled Malaysian chefs. 

Nasi Tumpeng

One of the specialty at the food festival is the nasi tumpeng.Nasi means rice, tumpeng means the way rice served with assorted dishes surrounding in a conical shape. It is a symbolic Javanese delicacy that is served only during celebrations, important events and occasions.

The philosophy of Tumpeng is related to the geographical condition of Indonesia, especially Java as fertile island with numerous mountains and volcanos. Tumpeng dated back to ancient Indonesian tradition that revered mountains as the abode of hyangs, the spirit of ancestors and gods. The cone-shaped rice meant to mimics the holy mountain.

Nasi Tumpeng

The cone shaped rice surrounded by assorted of Indonesian dishes, such as Sambal Goreng Hati dan Kentang, Hati Ayam Bumbu Ungkep, Balada Dendeng Manis, Perkedel Anak Ayam, Perkedel Daging Kentang, Kering Tempe Kacang, Kering Kacang Jeri, Kering Kentang, Dadat Rewis, Sate Udang, Cabai Isi Daging, Jatai Daging Pentul, Udang Goreng Tepung, Serunding Kacang, Rempah, Tempe Tahu Bacen and Telur Pindang.
Nasi Tumpeng

Nasi Tumpeng

Bergedel Anak Ayam

Sate Lilit Serai

Ayam Betutu

Burung Puyoh Gulai Ijo

Ikan Gulai Kakap
Apart from that, diners will be able to savor varieties of dishes such as Sate Buntal, Telor Gembung Padang, Kambing Tinoransak, Ayam Goreng Kalasan, Mangut Kakap, Udang Pelalah, Ayam Betutu, Ayam Rica Rica, Gurame Cobek, Soto Bandung, BasoTahu Bandung, Mie kocok, Perkedel jagung, Semur Daging, Soto Sulung,Salads & Sambals. In total they are rotating 7 sets of different menus throughout the promotion week. 

This food promotion will be priced at RM 45.00 nett( Adults ) & RM 22.00 nett ( Children ) for lunch buffet and Set meals will be served during dinner. Please contact Ancasa Hotel KL at 03 – 2026 6060 ext 7703 for reservations. 

Saffron Brasserie 
Ancasa Hotel & Spa KL
Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
50050 Kuala Lumpur,


  1. sounds like a great way to try new food out.

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  8. I don't think I've ever tried Indo food - must try one of these days because everything you've photographed looks really yummy.

  9. The food looked delicious! Especially the multicolor layer cake =)

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