"Beauty Begins at your feet" with Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

We spend a lot of money on face, hair and clothing but how any of us take care of our feet? Take a look at your feet a while, do you find any hard skin at the edge? If you do, it's time to give your feet a treat! 


Recently Scholl coming out a new invention -Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File for busy working adults who are in needs.

最近Scholl 发明一个新产品-Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File以满足忙碌工作人士的需求。

Awesome features: 
  •   Ergonomically shaped head for comfortable use 
  • 符合人体工程学的头型以使用时舒适

  •   Battery operated 
  • 电池操作
  •    Replaceable MicraluminaTM head for quick and easy hard skin removal (can be washed if dirty and there is refill pack of micralumina roller for sales)
  •  拥有可替换 MicraluminaTM 头以更快更容易的去除硬皮 (肮脏了还可以洗以及拥有micralumina 滚轴的补充包出售)
  •   Gentle and effective rotating action 
  • 温柔和有效的滚轴
 I tried the device and it is truly impressive. Just remove the red insulator tab at the battery, screw back, switch on to operate it. It is so easy and simple. In addition, it is cost-saving without having step into the salon for beautiful and luxuriously soft feet, all at our convenience.


I gently rotated the file over hard skin and the dead skin disappeared effortlessly (immediate result) as shown in the picture. Just a single switch, the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File buffs away hard skin in minutes leaving me with fabulous feet that I want to show off  d^^b

我轻轻的旋转滚轴,死皮一下子不费力的消失得无影无踪(一下就见效如图片所示)只需要一个按钮,Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File就可以在几分钟内磨光顽固的硬皮,留下的是我想向大家炫耀的美脚 d^^b

Want to try it as well? Come to 1 Utama (outside Watson) from 6-10 August for a foot pampering session with Scholl.

也想尝试看看是吗?8月6日至10日,记得到1Utama (Watson 外面) Scholl 所主办的双脚呵护活动。

If you interested to buy, here is nationwide RM10 discount voucher for all:


For more information, please refer: www.velvetsmooth.com.my
更多资料,可以游览: www.velvetsmooth.com.my


  1. Oo going to have to find this and try it out

  2. Looks like a great product. Im going to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

  3. wooow! I think I need this too or at home. Thanks for sharing.


  4. This was released here recently as well. Hm..I might look for it :3
    Take care*

  5. Cool tool nice review.

  6. Hello from Spain: great product. Very good to care for the feet. Keep in touch

  7. Hi dear!
    Oh thanks for sharing, it seems a great product

  8. that thing looks really interesting - have to find it somewhere online :)

  9. This sounds like a great thing to have at home. Garfield is a nice touch..lol ! ^.^

  10. It looks great

    xx, Ana Carolina
    Instagram e Twitter: @simplesglamour

  11. Amazing result ! Very interesting product.

  12. new thing~ I'm Scholl supporter as well, never check out this yet. thanks for sharing~

  13. I remembered that u told me you are from nutrition background, are you working as nutritionist now or a full time blogger?

    1. yes im from nutrition background
      now further study


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