Domino's Pizza Latest Collectible Premium -Popobe® Bola Bears

Last week, I was invited to Domino's Pizza event at Tropicana Golf & Country Club in Damansara. In conjunction with More Pizza More Football campaign, Domino's Pizza introduced its latest collectable premium-Popobe® Bola Bears which will be available for a limited time only.

上星期,我受邀出席位于Tropicana Golf & Country Club 的Domino's Pizza 活动。配合More Pizza More Football活动,Domino's Pizza推介最新限量版收藏品-Popobe® Bola Bears仅在限定期限出售。

The launch event was attended by residents from Good Samaritan Home and Rumah Anak Yatim Sg. Buaya, Kuala Langat orphanage homes.

推介仪式还邀请Good Samaritan Home及瓜拉冷越Sg. BuayaRumah Anak Yatim孤儿院的孤儿们前来出席。


Until July 20, fans of the pizza maker’s 2 pizza deals can now enjoy an extension of the popular deals in the form of Bola Meal 1, which offers customers two regular pizzas and a 1.5 litre soft drink bottle for RM34.00 and Bola Meal 2 which comes with the new BBQ Baked Meatballs and two regular pizzas for RM38.00. 

截至7月20日,多美乐披萨2 pizza deals的粉丝们可享受更多的热门优惠,其Bola Meal 1让顾客仅以34令吉即可购得两个普通型披萨和一支1.5公升庄汽水,而Bola Meal 2则包括全新BBQ Baked Meatballs和两个普通型披萨,仅售38令吉。


Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino’s may also be purchased as an add-on to Bola Meal 1 and 2 for RM7.80 or any other pizza purchase for the add-on price of RM9.80. To win even more awesome prizes, simply take a selfie with your Popobe® Bola Bear and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #BolaBears. (Just like what I posted might be a good guideline for you)

只需以7.80令吉,顾客即可在购买Bola Meal 1和2时额外购得多美乐的Popobe® Bola Bears,或在购买其他披萨时以额外9.80令吉购得。欲赢得更多丰富奖品,只需要把您与Popobe® Bola Bear的自拍照以hashtag #bolabears上传Instagram即可。 (就如这我所上载的...哈哈可能是一个很好的参考)


I did not win the selfie instagram contest (for media that day). There are 3 lucky winners won it.  I need a new camera now, thus it made me jealous at that time....sobs



What made me even more jealous was that.....The lucky grand prize winner of Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest won an all-expense paid trip for two to Brazil worth more than RM34,000.Lesson learnt....must stay tune to their

另我更羡慕的是...Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest的大赢家可赢得2张去巴西全免的旅游卷,价值超过RM34千。得到教训了...该留守他们的面子书

Ba U Shan-Ting, President of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore, who kicked off the launch said, “These are some of the most exciting contest prizes that we have given out to date. For their love of football and Domino’s Pizza, we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to all our winners here today. Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest also gave us a platform from which to proudly present the latest additions to our menu, our BBQ Baked Meatballs and the Smoky Blended BBQ range featuring three new pizzas, Chickensaurus, Smoky Beef N’ Chick and Smoky Pepperoni & Mushroom.”

 主持推介仪式的马来西亚与新加坡多美乐总裁Ba U Shan-Ting说:“这些都是我们至今送出的部分最振奋人心的有奖竞赛丰富奖品。对于他们对足球和披萨的热爱,我们在此衷心恭喜所有的优胜者。多美乐Kickoff网上足球有奖竞赛也让我们荣誉呈现餐单中的最新产品,即BBQ Baked Meatballs及Smoky Blended BBQ系列,包括Chickensaurus、 Smoky Beef N’ Chick和Smoky Pepperoni & Mushroom三种全新披萨。”


“Malaysians will also get to collect Pedro, Juan and Eva, the limited edition Popobe® Bola Bears by Domino’s. These perfect football companions will only be around for six weeks so be sure to collect them all while stocks last.” he concluded. 

“大马人还可收集由多美乐特别献上的Pedro、Juan和Eva限量版Popobe® Bola Bears。这些完美的足球活动仅为期6个星期,赶快前来收集,直到存货售完为止。”他总结。 


Although I did not win anything, but it was a really meaningful evening to spend my time with the orphans. They are pure and innocent. All of them are thrilled and pointed at the white big screen in front when their photos showed. Lovely kids ^^

虽然我没有赢取任何东西,但是跟孤儿们相处在一块,度过了一个有意义的下午。他们都很单纯和无辜。当他们看到他们的样子在白色大荧幕上的时候,他们都很振奋,纷纷指着笑。好可爱的小孩 ^^

Last, I want to remind you all again that the instagram contest is still on going. Visit to Domino's Malaysia FB for more details yeah! 

Domino's Malaysia以获取更多详情哦!


  1. I think it's really cool how you got invited to an event like this! ^^ Great pictures~ You look so nice in them c:
    Thank you for sharing!
    -Kiyomi xx

  2. Oh, what a great event and it looks like you had a blast! ^.^

  3. I've heard great things about domino's! (SNSD used to be their face in Korea if I'm not mistaken)
    And the bears are so cute <3

    Take care*

  4. Very sweet photos :) hugs

  5. sounds a great event!


  6. Wow, you always attend great event!


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