Kuching's Food Hunt & Shopping

I already shared the city tour, cultural village and the frog race. Now here is another post for my food hunting journey in Kuching. This is the first restaurant that we visited on our first day after touched down at Kuching airport.


It is at the corner side.

the menu and pricing 

The must eat in Sarawak is Laksa Sarawak and Mee Kolok.
在砂劳越必尝的是Laksa Sarawak和Kolok 面。

But since they are not selling Laksa Sarawak, we ordered a plate of Mee Jawa instead.

但是由于他们没有卖Laksa Sarawak,我们就叫一盘Mee Jawa

and a plate of Mee Kolok. 

This is my second time having Mee Kolok. I can't give any comment for the taste wise. Every restaurant has its own flavour and own version. For Mee Jawa, I prefer those I eat regularly in night market KL.

这是我第二次享用Kolok面。在味道方面我没有任何意见。每个餐厅都有它各自的版本和味道。对于Mee Jawa,我还是较喜欢常在吉隆坡夜市内吃的那个。

At night, we are brought to the tour company office cum lodge for dinner. Look at the lamp, it is made with coconut, it's so nice ^^ 

晚上,我们被带到旅游公司及住宿享用晚餐。看看上面那灯,他是以椰子做的,非常漂亮 ^^


It is really a wonderful night. We are being entertained with great food,beer and wine! 


Next morning (the second day), I walked alone to explore the food myself. Asking stranger ( a few students) on the road where to find food...and finally I came to this cafe.


I ordered a bowl of prawn noodle. It tastes nice ^^ 
我叫了一碗下面。味道很不错 ^^

After breakfast, we headed to fresh market to buy some food to cook at cultural village.  


Here is the place where we need to travel around 30 minutes to reach. The food price is so cheap! RM2.50! OMG! I can't believe my eyes. The food is so much cheaper outside the city.


The third day morning, I also walked alone to search some great food in the city. Accidentally bumped into this restaurant when I passed by and saw lots of people dining here. 

一样第三天清晨,我独自一人在这城市找美食。 意外中,我来到这间咖啡店,看到有许多人在里面享用早点。

Through my instinct, those restaurants with lots people sure the food is rather cheap or delicious. So without thinking too much, I walked in there. 


While waiting for my food, I saw more and more people coming in until it's full and the late comers have to line up outside for seats. Okay, I was lucky and blessed enough that came in without standing outside to wait for long.


Here comes my Mee Kolok. It's a edited version as I asked don't put any pork or chicken inside. Thus, the lady boss put fish for me.


And together she send me a bowl of soup as well!

When I paid the bill, I asked how many years Kim Joo opened. The lady at the counter answered it is 50 years old now! That is an old shop and that's why it has lots of customers dining here.


After that, I strolled along the street and found an interesting souvenir shop. It is a souvenir shop without any name.The salesgirl said it is no 65, a way people remember it.

过后,我就在这街上走走和发现一间有趣的纪念品店。这是一家没有名字的纪念品店。 销售小姐说这间店是65号,一种记住这店的方法。

They are selling tribal costumes as well. 

antique camera 

cute keychain 

another nice and cute decoration for house made with coconut 

beaded hat... must needs lot of time and patience making it

Next, I saw this corner shop that selling 'kantong'. 

I was curious about it and therefore I came in to have a try. 

When I was at Kim Joo, I already noticed a bunch of students doing some food project here. I met them again. Thus, I went in front and asked what was going on and I got a list of recommendation must try in Kuching! 


Now I share with you. I hope to try all in the list for my next visit.
现在我就跟你们分享。 我希望在我下次到访的时候可以享用完单上的全部食物。

This is Kantong. It is almost same pronunciation with Malay word 'gantung' which mean hang. The boss said this is the ice cream they having in old days!  We need to dip with the sweet syrup in the cup when eating the ice cream.


All the pricing for the ice cream.  


Besides the sweet stuff, they are selling kuih muih as well. 


OMG! They are my favourite! But as I already having my breakfast, I'm full. 


Here is another place that being recommended for great food! I was quite full that day and in rush, therefore I did not have any opportunity yet to try the food here. I will try to make it in my next trip.


Remember I told you that I took a boat ride to opposite shore in previous post? One of the reason to dig my time been here was to buy the layered cake from a recommended shop by Kuching folks.


 A lot of variety

There are samples for us to try before purchase. They are so colourful!


All the names of the layered cakes are so funny! Ombak (wave) Rindu (miss) is the title of a local film which I got to know later. Okay, if you missing someone and you hardly tell her/him, then buy this and give her/him! xoxo

这里的千层糕名字都非常有趣!Ombak(浪) Rindu (想念)是一个本地电影的名字,这是我后来才知道的。好的,若你很想念一个人,然后你很难告诉他的话,那么就买这个吧! xoxo 

 As I no idea which one to choose, I ask for recommendation from the worker there. And she recommended me to buy Ombak Rindu! Oh yeah, it is really good! Must buy this when you are here!

因为不知道要选哪一个,所以就问这里的员工意见。他就推荐我买Ombak Rindu! 哦,还真的很好吃!来这里必定要买这口味的!

Next I purchase one that's not recommended. It's blueberry chocolate. But I tell you, this is disappointing. I can't taste any blueberry or chocolate taste in it.


Tune Hotel

Tune Hotel

I stayed in Tune Hotel for 2 nights. It is a budget hotel yet it is clean and comfortable.

我在Tune Hotel 住了2晚。这是个经济性酒店但是干净又舒服。

Okay, till here my sharing, tell me if you visited any of the above. Thank you for visiting me!For those who wanna follow my update, you can follow my instagram @imemily413, there is live update as always. Tomorrow I will go for Kelantan trip, please follow me to know more!

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  7. I love local food, Emily. Kantong looks amazing! ^.^

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