Manmaru Homemade Udon @ Midvalley Megamall

Manmaru Homemade Udon is a brand-new Japanese restaurant in town. It is located inside Midvalley Megamall, a shopping mall at the centre between Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. I was happy to be invited by Ah Bok/ taufulou to attend the food review session a month ago.

Manmaru 自家制乌冬面是市内新开的餐厅。这家餐厅坐落于谷中城广场内。我很开心部落客友人Ah Bok/taufulou 邀请我一起享用那里的美食。

Manmaru means perfectly round which the owner trying to tell everyone that they are trying to be perfect.

Manmaru 的意思是浑圆,业主是想要告诉每一位他们正试图做到完美。

This is their second month in operation. Before you enter their restaurant, you will see the name/words written 'homemade udon', yes perhaps that is one of the attractions here.


Another thing is that they run a self-service concept. As we walk in, we order and pay at the counter. This is somewhat different from the Japanese restaurant I visited before.


Thirdly, they have an open kitchen. We can view the process of udon making, tempura frying and etc when we are waiting for our food to be served at the counter. Once they receive your order, they will cook the noodle, and the waiting time is 10 minutes. There is no ready-made udon inside.

curry udon

This is one of my friend's favourites! The traditional Japanese curry is thick and tasty!


kimchi udon

Satsuma-Imo Tempura (Sweet potato)-Deep fried sweet potato  RM1.50/pc

Green Pepper Tempura-Deep fried green pepper RM1.80/pc

White Fish Tempura-Deep fried white fish RM3.00/pc

Nasu Tempura (Brinjal)- Deep fried eggplant RM1.50/pc

Ika Ring Karaage - Authentic deep fried squid ring RM3.30/pc

This is so scrumptious!

Tori Karaage (Chicken)- Traditional Japanese fried chicken RM2/pc

Yasai Kakiage Tempura - Deep fried crispy mix vegetables RM2/pc

Ebi tempura (prawn) RM3.80/pc

I have never seen this before in other Japanese restaurants. I heard it is made with 7 types of vegetables. I love this too!


Enoki Tempura-Deep fried golden needle mushroom RM1.50/pc

Hanjuku Tamago RM 2/pcs

好,不管你去哪一家日本餐厅,他们都会有半熟蛋。Hanjuku Tamago 在还没拿去煮前,先用豆酱来腌制的哦!

I personally like their homemade udon because that is less additives/ chemical added compared with supplied noodles from factory. It is daily made. Moreover, the udon is springy and tastes without lye water.


S-045A, Center Court,
Second Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

So now we can see a mixture of Japanese and Korean culture in this kimchi udon. I compare it with the kimchi I ate before, this is rather mild, not too sour and spicy, just balanced enough to suit my taste bud.


carbonara udon

OMG! This is nice! My favourite of all. The soup is creamy, tastes sweet and a bit salty, just like carbonara sauce in spaghetti.


udon with sliced beef

Nike udon is served together with thin sliced beef.
Nike 乌冬面是与牛肉片一起享用。

Bukake udon

Bukake udon is served cold. One of the specialities is that it is served with fish broth. It is nice having this during a hot day so that the white radish is able to hold down our bodies.

Bukake 乌冬面是碗冷面。其中一个特点就是跟鱼汤搭配。个人觉得在热天享用是最好不过的,因为白萝卜可以消暑。

classic soy udon.

Ume Udon RM 10.90 (S) / RM 12.90 (L)

Ume udon is served with pickled plum. Hmm....I don't really like it as it is so sour and salty. But it may be nice for a pregnant lady :)


Zaru Udon RM 8.90 (S) / RM 10.90 (L)

Zara 乌冬是另一盘冷面。但也是唯一一个是没放在汤内的面,有点像干捞的感觉。

Kamaage Udon RM 12.90

Kamaage udon is an “Al-dente” style udon with warm kamaage sauce. It is tasteless with the soup. We need to dip it in a bowl of sesame sauce served.

Kamaage 乌冬是嚼劲风格的面,与热热的kamaage酱汁一起享用。那汤是无味的,我们必须把面和那碗芝麻酱一起点来吃。

Kamo Seiro Udon RM 13.90 (S) / RM 15.90 (L)


Apart from the 10 udons and 7 soups introduced, they are selling various types of tempura too!


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