16 Chefs To Spearhead US Potato Culinary Festival - KL 2013 With 38 Titillating US Potato Dishes


Malaysia is world-famous for its wide and scrumptious range of multi-racial foods available to tempt the taste buds of food aficionados.  Malaysian chefs are much-sought after for their ability to produce many creative dishes using various types of ingredients from all over the world.


Potato lovers alert!  16 leading Malaysian chefs will demonstrate their prowess when USPB organises the “US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2013” come June where the key ingredient in their dishes are US potato products.

Press Conference cum potato dishes tasting session


The US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2013 celebrates the launch of more than 38 dishes in 13 F&B outlets comprising restaurants, eateries, pubs and hotels etc.  These F&B outlets are set to serve customers a wide and interesting repertoire of dishes comprising mains, appetizers, desserts etc using US frozen potatoes as the key ingredient.  


From 1st to 30th June, customers at these outlets will have the opportunity to taste US potatoes used in various types of Malaysian fusion, western and eastern dishes.  Organised by the US Potato Board, this potato menu promotion will be a treat for US potato lovers at these 13 outlets.  



The objective of this festival is to promote the enjoyment of US frozen potatoes in a variety of innovative menu items. When one thinks about frozen potatoes, the first impression is probably Shoestring Fries, Curly Fries or Potato Wedges which often accompany steaks or burgers.

US frozen processors offer the widest variety of menu-enhancing frozen potato products from which to choose. Malaysians will have the opportunity to taste different types and shapes of US frozen potatoes during this promotion from whole frozen baked potatoes to specialty fry products. US frozen potatoes are appropriate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack.  

Frozen Bakers


根据美国利诺州大学在1991展开的一项调查指出: 冷冻蔬菜的营养价值与新鲜蔬菜不相上下。这是因为冷冻蔬菜是在蔬菜达成熟顶峰及营养价值最佳时收成,而即刻加工可锁住蔬菜的营养和维他命。” 

Many shapes and types of frozen potatoes were being displayed on that day which some I never seen before. But the question is why US frozen potatoes?

According to a study by the University of Illinois in 1991, “Frozen vegetables have a nutritional value on par with fresh”.  This is because frozen vegetables are harvested at the peak ripeness and nutritive value.  Immediate processing “locks in” the nutrients and vitamins.  

Spicy Potato Slices 

马铃薯是不可缺乏的营养来源。一个148克重的马铃薯只含有110卡路里的热量,但是却含有18%推荐每日钾质摄取量(RDV)45%推荐每日维他命C摄取量。 美国马铃薯含糖量偏低及肉质紧实,利于生产形状美,可口及肉质佳的加工马铃薯产品。除此以外,美国马铃薯生长温度理想,泥土肥沃,采用先进加工技术及专门知识生产,使美国马铃薯成为全球品质最佳马铃薯。

Potatoes are an indispensable source of nutrition. One 148 gram potato packs only 110 calories, but 18% of the RDV (recommended daily value) of potassium and 45% of the RDV of vitamin C. US potatoes contain high “solids” and low sugar content which produce high-quality finished products with desirable appearance, taste and texture. Other than that, ideal growing temperatures, rich soil, state-of-the-art processing and generations of expertise help make US frozen potatoes the finest in the world.

Half Shell
Half Shells are perfect for topping with a variety of fillings, such as various cheese and vegetables. They're an excellent appetizer and side-dish choice in family Dining restaurants. The unique shape of half shells and their topping potential, allows for the creation of many unique signature items on a menu.

Tater Drums
Children love to eat these crispy potato treats. They go well with hamburgers and are very popular at a chicken restaurants. They also can be served with a variety of dips and sauces to make a fun and unique appetizer.

The thicker style cut of potato wedges offers the customer more potato taste in each bite. Ideal for home delivery, room service or drive-through service, wedges are a popular cut to serve with grilled meat or sandwiches.

Lattice Cuts
Their unique waffle-like shape and thicker cut, gives basket weave cuts a longer holding time and an excellent yield. They can be ordered with special seasonings and batters to create a unique signature product. They're also excellent served as an appetizer. In addition, the crisp texture of basket weave cuts makes them ideal for dipping in sauces or adding a topping.

can you spot my signature? 


I was happy and lucky being invited by Sidney (bigboyoven) to have the 1st opportunity to sample some of these scrumptious dishes at a special media event being held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre in a festival-like setting to mark the auspicious launch.        

Let see what I had that day!

Steak Cut US Potato with Cheese and Prawn

Red Battered US Potato Spirals Puff Spaghetti with Salmon and Cream Sauce

Deep Fried Steak Cut US Potato Sugar and Sesame Coated

Baked Quiche Versitot US Potato Tater Tots with Vegetable

US Potato Skins and Smoke Salmon Zushi

Deep Fried Argentinian Shrimp Red Battered US Potato Spirals with Fruits and Nachos Cheese

US Potato Baked with Spice Seafood Cake with Tongkat Ali Sauce and Tuna Kerabu

US Potato Seafood Ungkerp Parcel

US Potato Prune Stuffing with Pecal Emulsions and Pomegranate Salad

Old European Style US Potato Tater Gems with Organic Salad Bouquet

Succulent Homemade English Double Meat and Double US Potato

Trio Soldier US Potato Frittatas with Spicy Garlic Mayo

Cheezy US Potato Wedges & Fries

Veggie Treat with US Potato

Crispy US Hash Brown with Chicken Burgers

Egg, Turkey Ham & Spinach US Hash Brown Casserole

Crispy US Potato Skins with Corn Salsa

Oven Baked US Mashed Potatoes infused with Lyonnais US Potato

Oven Baked US Mashed Potatoes stuffed with Spicy Duck Breast

Trio of US Potato

Charbroiled Ribeye of Beef with Truffle Parmesan US Fries

US Potato Creme Brulee

Savory US Lattice Cut Potato with Spring Vegetable Sauce

US Potato Cassulette with Caramelized Onion

Gumbo US Potato Boat

US Potato Buffalo Slice Parmigiana

US Potato with Salted Egg; US Potato Mini Burger

Vegenapolitana Spaghetti with US Potato

Spanish Omelette with US Potatoes

US Potato Cottage Pie

Bara US Potato Spring Rolls Special

Chocolate US Potato Fingers

US Hash Brown Chicken Chop Chess

Around the World On US Potato Skin

Spiced Cajun Rice on US Potato Skin

What a satisfying meal I had that night! All thanks to chefs from below participating restaurants:

Bara One Bistro
Muzeum Café
Saffron Brasseries 
Rest Halia
Marini 57
Craving Kitchen & Café 
Movida Kitchen
Badboy Cooks
Paddington Pancake 
Secret of Louisiana 
Suka F & B Restaurant

Through this, US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2013, the US Potato Board also aims to showcase to the public that US frozen potatoes can be used as a main ingredient from appetizers to desserts - opening up a whole new dimension for the public to enjoy US frozen potatoes in many new exciting ways.   

喜爱美国马铃薯的人士可万勿错过吉隆坡美国马铃薯美食节2013哦!进一步详情请联络Kent LowEddie Saw,电话: (03) 8070-7216

So hurry to these outlets to enjoy US potatoes like never before!  For more information on the US Potato Culinary Festival KL 2013, please call Kent Low or Eddie Saw at (03) 8070-7216.


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