Kinohimitsu :Beauty and The Bliss Blogger Workshop

上个月被邀请去Kinohimitsu的Beauty and The Bliss 工作坊。Kinohimitsu 这牌子对我甚至很多人来说都不陌生,但是真正了解的人并不多,今天总算去听了后,有所收获。

I was invited to Kinohimitsu Beauty and The Bliss Workshop last month. I had no idea of this brand and perhaps others too. But I get some ideas from the workshop today, learning something new.

由杨怡代言的Kinohimitsu, 想不到还出了那么多系列,没看到这板,我也还真不懂呢!

Kinohimitsu has many different types of collagen drink. If I never stop and have a look at this board, I never know that Kinohimitsu has so many different types of collagen drink to cater everyone needs.


The organizer is very nice, our names already set on the table prior we arrive. All the goodies on the table can be brought home too :)

在柜台处,我们有两杯饮料尝试。他们说是个blind test, 要我们尝试哪个的饮料是自个儿喜欢的,然后全部试了后,才公布答案。当然其中一个饮料是Kinohimitsu,另一个是其他牌子。

At the counter, we had blind test for the drink. They wanted us to try which was our favourite and they would announce at the end of the workshop. Of course, one of it was from Kinohimitsu brand.

Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink RM149.90

Kinohimitsu J'pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink RM165

Kinohimitsu J'pan Collagen Men Drink RM165

Kinohimitsu J'pan Stem Cell Drink

Kinohimitsu J'pan D'Tox Tea

Kinohimitsu J'pan D'Tox Juice


I was a bit dizzy looking at the picture myself, there are too many products on display that day. For each of them, there is some variations for the ingredients used.

The workshop started.

你知道Kinohimitsu 是什么意思吗?他解释说日语的Kino=植物,Himitsu=秘密。Kinohimitsu 是Kino Tech出产的产品,是一家新加坡公司,R&D (research and development)的团队却在日本。因为成本越贵的问题,厂也从原先的日本搬到去台湾。

Do you know what is mean by Kinohimitsu?She explained that Kino= plant and Himitsu=secret in Japanese. Kinohimitsu is produced by Kino Tech,this is a Singapore company, but R&D team is based in Japan while factory moved from Japan to Taiwan due to increasing cost.

Many awards by Kinohimitsu.


This was the part that I was very interested to listen. How to choose the right collagen drink? 
There is something new that I heard. 
Right amount-They said we need 2500-5000mg of collagen per day for Asian. Higher dosage may be needed for malnutrition.
Molecular size- They don't have the particular answer on it. But they concluded that the effective product works in 3-6 days and we can see the improvement too. Kinohimitsu sourse of collagen is less than 3000 Dalton.
Source- They told us that the source of collagen may affect the taste eventually.
Absorption ability- This will mainly depends on our body.
Effectiveness and safety- They said that what we took into our bodies must came out if not it will burden our bodies.


Product quality includes the points as above.


Factors that warranty quality product.

产品被ISO 承认的几大因素。据说Kinohimitsu的产品都用Ultrasonic Homogenization Extraction (nanotechnology) 的方式从鱼的身上抽取胶原蛋白。鱼儿都来自法国,但是制作的厂却建立在台湾。

Assured under ISO standard. Kinohimitsu's collagen is extracted from the fish bodies through Ultrasonic Homogenization Extraction (nanotechnology) method. Fishes come from France, but manufactured in Taiwan.

这是Kinohimitsu找私人公司做的实验报告。里面有各在市面品牌的胶原蛋白饮料,而根据报告,Kinohimitsu的J'pan Beauty Collagen Diamond 的胶原蛋白指数乃是比在标签上的差异最少。

This is the lab report of a private company done to various collagen drink in the market. According to the report, Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Collagen Diamond has the lowest variance comparing both test and claim result.


No additive added


All ingredients are listed at the label!


  1. 是有点贵。。。到现在都不敢下手买。。。

    1. 是啊,我也觉得是。我在喝着它的j'pan dtox juice 系列,早上起来喝,哇最好就是不要出街咯 ><"

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