本地马来人喜爱去的 阿拉伯 餐厅:Restoran Nasi Hadramot

武吉免登是游客集中的地方,也是个购物天堂。若你在这一区闲逛的话,不难发现这里多了许多中东游客。再抬头看看,中东餐厅也真不少啊!除了我之前介绍过的Naab, Boof 以及Marosh 之外,这一家Nasi Hadramot 阿拉伯餐厅在本地也是挺有名气的哦!

Bukit Bintang is a tourist spot yet a shopping heaven. If you always walk by this area, you may find that there are many Middle East tourists gather here. Again take a look around, there are a lot of Middle East restaurants such as Naab, Boof and Marosh that I wrote before. This time I will introduce another Arabian restaurant, Nasi Hadramot which is quite famous among local.

Hadramot 是也门共和国的一个执政地方。读了NURHAFIZ ♥ FATIMAH 的部落格,他透露说Hadramot 的意思是死亡的来临,听了是不是有点毛骨悚然呢?

The word ‘Hadramot’ actually refers to an administrative division of Yemen that is headed by a governor. I got to know that Hadramot  also bring a meaning of 'coming of death' after reading NURHAFIZ ♥ FATIMAH blogpost. Would you scared after knowing all this?

往里面瞧瞧,其实一点都不恐怖,装潢还很高贵典雅哦!这餐厅一点都不难找,晚上站在金三角的十字交叉路口,就可以远远见到处在一楼,灯火明亮的Nasi Hadramot。

Peek inside, it was not so scary as the name define, the renovation was elegant and looks high class. Nasi Hadramot restaurant is not hard to find, standing at the cross junction of Bukit Bintang, you may see it at first floor not far away.

Hadramot Mix Grill RM52
第一道的Hadramot Mix Grill 感觉有点西式,上面除了肉以外,还有蛋以及青瓜生葱。Mix Grill 中文的翻译应该是混杂烧烤,里面有羊烤肉串,鸡烤肉串,羊扒以及半羊肉三文治。

盘上的鸡肉有很香的BBQ 味道,羊肉没有任何膻味以及肉的质感很有弹性,还不赖哦!

Combination of selection 1 skewer of lamb kebab, chicken kebab, shistaouk, lamb chop and half lamb sandwich...chicken had sweet-smelting BBQ taste; the texture of lamb was chewy, all are acceptable! 

Flafel RM14
Flafel 看起来像巧克力饼又有点像Donut,其实都不是。Flafel 是鷹嘴豆炸肉餅,外面炸得很酥脆,与Messaka'ah, Foul, Fried Kuba 属于开胃菜。

Fried patty of field mashed beans or chickpeas...At first look, one may mistaken flafel was chocolate biscuit or doughnut, but all wrong. Flafel was fried mashed chickpeas, crispy at the outer surface, it was categorized together with Messaka'ah, Foul, Fried Kuba as appetizer.

Messaka'ah RM18

Baked eggplant with tomato, onion, topped with tomato puree sauce...dining in Arabian restaurant was a fun thing, most of the dishes names are very special, very hard to spell and very hard to remember, including this. They tend to use the local call name to name the dish. 


When the eggplant and potato soften after cooked, it looked like the dhal which served with bread in local Mamak stall, applying on top of bread, rolled it up and chewed slowly. 

Foul RM14
Foul 是用橄榄油来煮的褐豆,至于厨师是使用橄榄油放去锅中烹调还是豆烧开了后再放橄榄油,就不得而知。当然第二种煮法较为健康。这道菜肴非常适合素食者,褐豆甜中带咸还有番茄的酸味,很开胃。若怕吃不饱的话,也可以夹在面包里,当作馅料。

Brown beans cooked with olive oil....suitable for vegan and vegetarian. Sweet, salty, sour tastes all in one dish, appears very appetizing for diner. If you worry of not enough, you may apply it on the bread and eat together.

Fried Kuba RM20
上次在Marosh 吃了他们家准备的Fried Kuba, 这次也挺期待的说。可这次似乎有点失望,因为这里的Fried Kuba 没有那么香,味道比较淡,所以不多以推荐。

Fried Kuba 是小麦与羊肉碎混合一起,放入锅中炸成Torpedo 形状而炮制成。

Made of cursed wheat and chopped meat, fried in torpedo shape....It was a bit disappointed as it was not up to my expectation since I had my first tried at Marosh. It was less flavour compared with previous one I recommended.

Mathlotha Lamb RM42


Beautifully layered cooked meat broth with spices at the bottom, followed by rice with toppings of bread, tortillas...it was a very special prepared dish that I haven't see before. However, I was not so adapted to the taste as I felt weird with creamy like bread inside/ at the bottom of rice. On the other hand, I like the lamb texture, very   flabby.

Beryani Shrimp RM39

海鲜永远都是我最喜爱吃的肉类,这盘Beriyani Shrimp 的虾炸得很脆口,又很新鲜;饭呢就带点香香的黄姜味以及虾的鲜味,吃得我不亦乐乎。

Hot steaming fried shrimp served with beriyani rice served with tomato gravy...seafood is my all time favourite, I love the shrimp as they are very crispy and fresh; rice with turmeric tastes great!

No 50 & 52, 
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
51100 Kuala Lumpur.

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