Guardian: Just Gorgeous, Just You Fair

这是Guardian第六次举办The Great Guardian Makeover 活动,今年的标题是Just Gorgeous。地点和往年一样,在1 Utama 广场举行,一连两天的活动吸引了超过1000位的男女出席此盛会。

As the industry leader, Guardian organized the Great Guardian Makeover for the sixth consecutive year inviting its customers to attain a healthy lifestyle and unleash their inner beauty with well-known products at affordable prices during the 12-day concourse promotion. 


The Guardian crew at the registration counter was busy settling registration and giving out goodies bag.

礼袋已经排好好,如一座高山。想要参与的民众,只需在Guardian买此活动的赞助商产品满RM30以上,既可以付RM10买取做造型的票以及礼袋!礼袋里面除了赞助商赠于的产品,里面还有固本,总值超过RM80, 算起来挺实惠的哦!

Goodies bags stacked up like a small hill. Customers who purchased a minimum of RM30 from any Guardian stores including one product from the sponsors were entitled to purchase RM10 ticket for the makeover which comes with a goodie bag upon registration consisting of products from the participating brands plus saving coupons worth more than RM80 in value.


Crowd in front of the stage!

站在后面,矮小的我连拿相机上来都拍不到舞台。当天开幕礼上,10位幸运Guardian 面子书粉丝将在台上走个小猫步,展示他们改造后的造型。

I was standing far behind the stage. I couldn't take any photo on stage even though I raised up my camera. 10 lucky Guardian Facebook fans received an instant makeover and wowed the crowd with a mini catwalk show.


So, I walked up to second floor to take photo. With this position, I can see clearly and shot what happened at the stage.

Guardian 的工作人员团体照

Group photo of Guardian crews


Emcee of the day


There was magazine counter where with every magazine purchased, we can win some prizes!


The makeover counter is clean and tidy!


On the tabletop, there was makeup palette, liquid foundation, makeup remover and facial cotton, all from Guardian store.

一个帮我弄头发,一个帮我化妆。他们都是A Cut Above的学生,也就是Winnie Loo的徒弟。很抱歉的说,最后出来的效果不是很称心如意,我的眉化到一边粗一边细;我的另个朋友则看起来相似没化过妆,感觉有点失望。

A Chinese girl was helping me to makeup and another was styling my hair. All of them came from A Cut Above academy, established by Winnie Loo. Sad to say that I was not satisfy with the makeover as my eye brow drawn to be one thicker than another, overall it looked weird. Whereas my friend, Peggy, she looked like did not make up at all. Both of us were quite disappointed with the outcome.

从Peggy 那里取得的照片,哈哈她竟然偷拍我啊!

This photo was taken by Peggy when I was doing my makeover!


After my makeover finished, I went around and took photos. Frankly speaking this was a good opportunity for consumers to try, experienced the great products from Guardian. However, I suggested that during the personal makeover session, makeup artist and hair stylist should explained the usage, steps and effects of each product, so that we can learn how to use those products and if we found the product was great, we can directly purchase them on the spot after the makeover.

化完拍完照后,肚子已经饿得很,我们一群媒体被邀到Petite Millie 共聚午餐。

After the makeover and photo shooting session, I was tired and hungry. A group of media being invited to Petite Millie for a lunch.

饮料:Coke/ Sprite/ Coffee

This is what we had for lunch:(shown in picture)


I love seafood, therefore I chose to have fish and chip as my main course. Waiting almost 1 hour, my fish and chip finally being served.


My dessert was just fruit platter consisting of watermelon, honeydew and mango. I like the strawberry sauce they served.


This was the event schedule for the Great Guardian Makeover - Just Gorgeous fair. That day I was in rush, I did not stay long and went off after taking my photo print out. If I had some spare time, I would stay here and see what exciting activities were planned on the stage.


There were discounts for all sponsors' products.

因为我不缺保养品和化妆品,最后还是选择买一些补品。在这买了一盒Brand's Innershine OPC 饮料,因为那天有买一送一哦!

I had enough skincare products at home, thus I chose to buy Brand's Innershine OPC drink, as they got buy 1 free 1 promotion which was worth of money.

友人则跑去Palmer's 那里买了些产品。

On the other hand, my friend bought some products from Palmer's.

这是当天出席者所得到的固本,可怜的Peggy 那么早来,可礼袋里面没放到这固本。那时他已经放弃说不用紧,可我还是陪她去柜台问,最后主办单位还是补给一张给他。

我就用这固本付钱,大概补贴多RM20 就有两盒,嘻嘻好高兴,因原价一盒要RM70+。
I used up the Guardian coupon to buy, add up RM20 cash only to have 2 boxes of Brand's Innershine OPC drink. The orginal price for 1 box is RM70+.

今年的虽然已经结束,不过你有兴趣的话,记得守候Guardian 的面子书,明年一定会再有哦,到时可别错过!
Even though the event was ended by the time I posted up, but if you were very interested, like Guardian Malaysia FB page now to get notified if the same event going to be held next year.

礼袋里的产品真的很丰富!多到那个礼袋是塞到满满,而且从Old Wing 走去New Wing 的开放式停车场,重到我的手都拿不起来了!
Take a look of the goodies inside the goodies bag, there were too many. The bag was too full til we can not put in anything anymore! My hand was painful walking from Old Wing to New Wing open car park as it was very heavy!

At last, I have to thank Guardian for their generosity and Butterfly for the invitation!


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    1. yaya I enjoyed the event. I expected you were there too, didn't you?

  2. That's really a lot of people! Aiya should go that day hahaha

    1. Yes there was a lot of people...but I think morning the crowd is less than evening.

  3. that's a lot!i wish i can be there..

    1. hmm thanks mizu...first time see ur comment here!

      Nice to meet u!

  4. Looks like a great event.. I can't make it though..

    1. i'm so sorry that u can't make it...miss all the fun that we had

      but nevermind i guess i will seeing u soon for another event or i might invite u to join for my event :)


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