Uncle Chow Kopitiam @ Cameron Highlands (Part 5: Eat)

As no much eatery option in Cameron Highlands, we opted for Uncle Chow Kopitiam for breakfast. Instead of having McD/KFC here, we thought of trying local food.

This kopitiam is about 5 mins drive from Gerard's Place. Near and convenient if you stay there. But walking to here? I think you need about half an hour.

Uncle Chow kopitiam is at the apartment's shoplot. It's hidden behind the big tree at the corner. During our visit, we only saw Uncle Chow took our orders, delivered our food to the table and billing at the cashier. From what we observed, he was opening this shop for his retirement. He has planted variety of beautiful flowers at the surrounding.

Curry noodles ~~ was a disappointment for that day. Tasteless gravy.

We prefer his toast and nasi lemak more. 

The whole thing was not cheap as compared with normal kopitiam we have in KL. Nevertheless, it's still worth to give a try :)


  1. The food look amazing.


    1. still not up to my expectation the curry noodles

  2. A completely different breakfast than what I eat everyday :)

    1. hehe yeah besides toast, cheese, sausage, eggs, we have other things too :)


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