archiQ drives the advancement of Malaysia Architectural Practices

archiQ organized by Association of Consulting Architects: Malaysia (ACA:M) was held at Consist College, KL on last weekend. archiQ is an international conference focuses on equipping architects in Malaysia with business savvy skills to continuously keep abreast of technology and business advancement in marketplace.

"The architectural profession is no longer a simple practice of art and science of the building. Today. there are many complicated, and at times opposing facets, interlinked with the practice of architecture, and archiQ2019 is a golden opportunity for all practitioners - whether fresh or veterans- to learn from the vast experience of the speakers that have been lined up in this event," commented Ar Jasmeet Sidhu, Director of archiQ and Founding President of ACA:M.

ArchiQ 2019 by Association of Consulting Architects: Malaysia (ACA:M)
ArchiQ 2019 by Association of Consulting Architects: Malaysia (ACA:M)
archiQ 2019 launched by (left to right) Ar Normah Latiff, Council Member of ACA:M, Ar Erric Chew, Honorary Secretary of ACA:M, Ar Jasmeet Singh Sidhu, President of ACA:M and Director of ArchiQ 2019, Ar Zairul Azidin bin Badri, President of LAM & Guest of Honour, Ar Jafri Merican, Council Member of ACA:M, Ar Bobby Low, Council Member of ACA:M.

ArchiQ 2019 Ar Jasmeet Sidhu

"While design remains an architect's core competency, business skills and acumen are equally needed to succeed in today's competitive world. With archiQ covering diverse topics each year, we are passionate at what we do and are positive that participants will gain more from the conferences in the coming years," said Ar Jasmeet Sidhu (featured as above).

ArchiQ 2019 by Association of Consulting Architects: Malaysia (ACA:M)

For the 2 days conference, ten speakers from diverse backgrounds were invited to impart knowledge on running an architectural practice in today's competitive environment. With 5 speakers featured each day. the audience have an interesting insight into various areas related to an architect's daily practice.

ArchiQ 2019 by Association of Consulting Architects: Malaysia (ACA:M)

Topics include:

Day 1
Specialist Food Facilities Design
Art: The Next Financial Equity
Challenge of the River of Life
Strict Liability: How It affects Architects
Timely Construction Permits

Day 2
Staying Safe in Litigious Society
Taxation Principles for Architects
Solar: Is it a Viable Option in Malaysia
Investible Masterplans
Replacing Waste Water Treatment Plants with Structured Wetlands

ArchiQ 2019 by Association of Consulting Architects: Malaysia (ACA:M)
Panel Discussion Session with (left to right) panel moderator Ar Erric Chew, Honorary Secretary of ACA:M, guest speaker Dato’ Zubair Afandi bin Omar, Artist, guest speaker Feisal Noor, Vice President of AECOM South East Asia, guest speaker Ahmed Subactogin, CEO and Managing Director of Par Synergy (M) Sdn Bhd.

archiQ provide a diverse and deep understanding of numerous topics and encourage meaningful peer learning, thus paving way for architects to apply the knowledge gained here to their real world practice environments.

ArchiQ 2019 by Association of Consulting Architects: Malaysia (ACA:M)

ACA:M believes that in order for the profession to command respect, architects must be both fully knowledgeable and business savvy to undertake different roles while discharging their responsibilities professionally and diligently towards their clients and the public at large. 

ArchiQ 2019 by Association of Consulting Architects: Malaysia (ACA:M)

About ACA:M
The Association of Consulting Architects Malaysia (ACA:M) is a national level, registered organization representing the collective interests of architectural firms practicing throughout Malaysia. The primary focus of ACA:M is:
  • to address issues and challenges faced by the members, particularly in matters relating to business of architecture
  • to represent and support practicing architectural firms in their resolve to provide the highest level of excellence in their services.
Membership of ACA:M
In line with maintaining full professionalism in the industry, only firms registered with the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM, Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia) are accepted as full Corporate Members and subsequently eligible to vote in ACA:M. Each member firm is represented by a Designated Representative, who would be a Principal/ Partner/ Director of the member firm. As of June 2019, ACA:M corporate membership stands at 130+ firms.

Membership fee is as follows:
-annual fees RM400
-initial joining fee RM200

About archiQ [arki-queue]
archiQ is a learning platform hosted by ACA:M to fulfil the quest for architectural knowledge. It provides an opportunity for Architects to continuously improve their skills and stay in up-to-date so as be able to excel in their noble profession. ACA:M regularly organises CPD lectures on business and practice related matters as well as other networking events throughout the year. archiQ is ACA:M’s annual international conference.

For more information, please contact:
ACA:M secretariat +6018-3284339


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    1. a great learning platform for all the practitioners

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