Movie Animation Park Studio (MAPS) Ipoh

The intention to go Ipoh was actually visiting MAPS which I got the free ticket by winning a contest. It is opened not long ago yet I not been there before. It was Sunday noon time when we paid a visit to the park after having our heavy brunch. 

To my surprise, MAPS is quiet upon our visit. No queue at all at the counter. And that's weekend!

That sounds great when you no need to queue up for ticket. Saving our time for that!

Here the linking bridge to the theme park after passing through the ticket counter. Ops, not forgetting to mention, you are not allowed to bring any food and drink (besides plain water) into the park.

The map of MAPS is given for free. Dream zones was closed for maintenance and upgrading works. It was quite disappointing.

The shoplot in the park. Some are souvenir shops, some are entertainment park and some are for photography purpose.

The car stunt show was very exciting! But it was very toxic to watch! I mean all the smokes coming out from the tyres and exhaust hose were very smelly! Bring a face mask along if you wanna watch the show! I'm not kidding!

Photo together with the car stunt show performers. I very admired with their skill for controlling the car in balance (with only 2 tyres) and the speed while not crashing each other!

Nice view in the park

Whirling wizard for the kids

This huge spaceship is actually a cafeteria.

The hyperspin..... well, after I getting down from this, I was not feeling ok but faint :( I'm too old for this game. Applying the ointment on my forehead as I feel dizzy. 

The Smurf's house

The Smurf's village

This is actually for the kids. Since no one around, I tried to squeeze myself into the tree trunk for a play.

In front of the Smurf's house

That's another hidden corner there you can enter to take photo with a 3-D art.

Do I look like a mermaid?

This is too cute not to take a picture with. Pouting while taking photo :)

I was in rush to get back to Ipoh town for the salted chicken before the shop closed. And we left before we finished to visit the whole place. Hope there was something new later in future when we have a chance to visit again. See next!


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  2. A new park in Ipoh? Must bookmark this place if visiting Ipoh.

    Hyperspin. I did that when visiting Genting many years ago, in my 20s. Thrilling. Lol.

  3. A great place for family entertainment.

  4. You get to go to the coolest place's.

  5. Lovely park, dear! Happy holidays to you & family! xoxo

  6. Very nice place, hope I can be there for the next year


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