Ipoh Mural and Ipoh Street View

Ipoh town is much more fun now compared with my previous visit. The town is decorated with the beautiful mural here and there. The first photo is my favourite among all. The colourfully painted mural is located behind a shoplot.

There are many murals just next to it. 

Seem like I have fun jumping rope too.

Ipoh is famous with its pomelo fruit. You can buy it at roadside stall but the price is not cheap.

That's another place next to the car park which I found the upside-down bus.

The kapal korek (tin-mining dredge) mural is faded away with time.

garbage collector

The famous concubine lane that you should not miss whenever you visit Ipoh.

view at concubine lane

There are a lot more murals which we have no time to explore during our stay. To ease the tourists, the town council has listed out the murals as above. Nevertheless, it's still very hard for us to find it. The map seem not that accurate and confusing us. Perhaps we need time to prove discover it. 


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