Klebang Melaka Beachside : Desert in Malaysia

One of the local specialty if people ever mentioned in Klebang, Melaka is certainly the coconut shake. I have no idea since when Klebang coconut shake becomes a signature at that place but I just can't resist to give it a try when I travelling down early this year. Klebang is actually a seaside area in Melaka and a bit distance away from Melaka town. 

I did not go down to buy it but I heard the queue was quite long. The cars just parked illegally at roadside for the stall. Thus, I did not go down for a look.

The drink is sweet and refreshing, topped with an ice cream. Of course, it is nice especially on a hot day.

After that, we decided to look for the "desert in Malaysia". This was virally shared few years back. The place was blocked by a big water pipe and thus all cars can not enter inside. All visitors need to walk around 20 minutes through the sandy path to the desert area. To our surprise, there was a "grab car" service (illegal) that charge RM5 -8 for 2 ways into the desert area from parking. The business was quite good as I seen. The passengers all stood at the back, screamed when the driver sped up.

The sunset view was nice! But we could not stay long as the sun went down too fast and we need to walk a distance to find our car.

The place has a lot of big and small hills. I think I would bring a board to come next time to try slither down the slope effortlessly. LOL

Just look like I was in a desert somewhere else from the picture. This place is great for OOTD shot and also fun to hang out with your friends. I saw people shared in FB before for the sea crocodile appearing at Klebang sea but I did not spot any. But whether it is a truth or not, it is still a mystery. Tell me if you do :)

Well, if you travel to Melaka and feel bit bored at the Melaka town, why not head over to here for a visit? There is a submarine museum nearby but unfortunately I did not have much time that day and did not manage to visit it.

Wear slipper (not shoe, sandal, heels)
Reach by 5pm for the sunset view and photo


  1. Wow! That is an amazing place to visit. I didn't even know this place. A desert in Malaysia.

    Wow. Coconut shake. By nature, the shake is sweet and added with ice cream, it must be sweeter. But worth trying at least once since it is a signature drink there.

    1. yes sweet tasted coconut shake
      a unique place to visit here


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