Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Beauty Date with NiuEr From Naruko

When others talk of Taiwan skincare products, the first comes to my mind is Naruko. It is a skincare products brand founded by NiuEr, the famous beauty guru in Taiwan. The Naruko brand awarded best new brand in Taiwan and China is recognized as the best selling brand online.

NiuEr appearance in front of Watsons store at Sunway Piramid as waited by many beauty fans also gave his personal insights on Naruko product range besides sharing his beauty tips. The next day Naruko staging an exclusive beauty workshop with lucky Watsons VIP members and Watsons blogger community for a personal experience with the Naruko brand.

During the personal meet and greet session, he explained that the Naruko brand lies on 4 pillars of affordability, refine, unique and kindness. The Naruko range contains 60 kinds of precious botanical extracts which helps for acne clearing and whitening, hydrating and maintaining skin elasticity.

In Naruko brand, for acne clearing and whitening, many softening and whitening ingredients in the products such as peony roots, Job's tears, polygoni cuspidate, saxifrage kiwi fruit and mulberry are essential. Whilst for hydration, wheat bran protein, rose, tremella and sakura provides skin moisture. For skin elasticity, ginseng, scutellaria baicalensis, pueraria and Coptis chinensis Franch provide a protection shield for skin keeping it safe from pollutants.

Comprehensive Naruko products at the shelf of Watsons store, Sunway Piramid.

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  1. Saw this brand in Watson. Did not even know it is from Taiwan. ^^

  2. Have never heard of this brand. It sure looks good! I'll check it out one of these days. ^.^

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