Cheap Thai Dim Sum in Hat Yai

The first meal we had after reaching Hat Yai was dim sum at a random shop we found. Written there 16 bhat per tray and a lot of people dining inside, thus we gave a try on it.


In Hat Yai, there are a lot of Malaysian going there to do business, opening restaurant/stall to sell the Malaysian food. But coming over to Hat Yai to eat Malaysian food sounds not right, we want to have something local ;D

 It was a bit hot inside.  Sweaty while having our brunch.

My friend took 7 different trays available at the counter. After steaming, the staff sent to our table. They did not seem different from our Malaysian dim sum restaurant but price wise, they were much cheaper.

 All the dim sum here are pork free.

 Kaya pau

We ordered a small teapot filled with tea to share between two of us. It costs only 10 bhat for this. Total spending for our meal here was only 122 bhat, approximately RM14.90.

I have no idea the name of the shop as it is written in Thai. But for sure, it is not far away from my hotel, Red Planet Hotel during my visit. If not mistaken, the shop opens at 7-11am and 5pm till 11pm at night. I think I will visit again if I travel to Hat Yai in future.

*this place is known as Khornang > visit my 2018 post here:


  1. For me it's a little bit exotic food.

    1. haha it is for you
      but if you travel to Asia before
      sure this looks familiar to you
      and you might fall in love with it

  2. Looks interesting and delicious :)

    lovely Greetings!

  3. Having dim sum there??? Haha.

  4. Love to visit some day, Emily! xoxo

  5. sounds like a lovey place to eat at.

  6. It looks delicious ! Kisses :)

  7. Looks yummy, Emily and it's amazingly cheap! ;D

  8. An expensive price only in Malaysia...

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