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Kuching, Sarawak City Tour

Kuching, in Malay means cat. It is a cat city. Kuching is the place where The International Bornean Frog Race held this year. So today I'm gonna share some places I managed to visit during the first day city tour in Kuching, Sarawak.

Kuching, 马来文的意思是猫。这是一个猫城。Kuching 就是今年国际婆罗洲青蛙比赛的举办地点。所以今天我将会分享我第一天在这城市内参观的地方。

Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (Kuching South City Council)

 Kuching is the only city in Malaysia to be administered by two mayors, the city is divided into Kuching North and Kuching South.

Kuching 在马来西亚是唯一一个由两个市长管理的城市,被分为北Kuching和南Kuching。

                     Just in front of the archway is the cat statue.

Kuching's cat statue
The cat statue at Kuching South.

Built in 1988 for documenting Kuching obtained city status. 

Kuching's cat statue

 Cats statue built by Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (Kuching North City Hall)

Kuching's cat statue

When I thought there are only 2 places with cat statues, here is another one. I found this when I went for breakfast alone in the morning.



I think the cat is saying hello to visitors. 
Saint Mary's Primary School
One of the school located at the city.

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building

This is the new and current Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building where state assemblymen from all over Sarawak will meet and preside over debates and passing of laws.


Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building

The complex is located at the north bank of the Sarawak River in between The Astana and Fort Margherita.

这座建筑位于砂捞越河的北部,在The Astana 与Fort Margherita之间。



The Astana is the official residence of the Yang di-Pertua Negeri (Governor) of Sarawak. Due to time limit, I did not have a chance to visit this place and only able to capture a picture of it from opposite shore.

The Astana 是现任砂劳越统治者的官邸。因为时间有限,我没有机会参观该地方,只能从对岸拍个照。

Kuching Waterfront

While taking a walk at the riverbank, there are some iron plates at the ground with history of the city being written.


Kuching Waterfront

Kuching Waterfront

It was fun for me to stroll along the place while reading the stories of the city from the iron plates.


Kuching Waterfront-art

Not only the iron plates, there is a big piece of art made with some parts of the bicycles. I just got to know that now Sarawak also rent out bicycles to tourists, following the footprint of Penang.


Kuching Waterfront

The tripod structure, embedded in the solid rock (earth) symbolizes the stability & strength of Sarawak State. The ladder demonstrates the route to prosperity. The funnel (based on dart container) portrays the co-operation & success of politics, economy and society. The cone form is derived from the Bidayuh Warrior & symbolizes progressive society and shelter. The crowning Hornbill or Kenyalang is revered as a deity & protector by the indigenous people of Sarawak. The traditional motifs of Sarawak around the funnel & cone form a rhythmic pattern to celebrate the dynamic State of Sarawak.


Kuching Waterfront
 Haha then towards the end of the river bank, there are a few crocodile statues. No iron plates or any signboard explaining the statues so I just having fun by taking some pictures here.


Square Tower

This building is known as Square Tower, used as prison initially when built in 1897.


Old Court House/ Sarawak Tourism Board Office
Facing opposite of Square Tower is the old court house. It is currently served as Sarawak Tourism Board office.


Brooke Monument

In front of the complex is Brooke Monument, constructed in 1924 to pay homage to the second white Rajah, Charles Brooke.

这座建筑的前面是Brooke纪念牌,建于1924年,祭奠第二任国王,Charles Brooke。

Sarawak Steamship

One of the historical building along Kuching Waterfront is Sarawak Steamship Company.In 1875, The Sarawak Steamship Company was formed to solve the shipping problem in Sarawak. In 1919, the company started the first travel business in Sarawak. Today, after more than 132 years, The Sarawak Steamship Company has diversified to travel and tours, creative advertising, gallery and air cargo services.

在Kuching Waterfront其中一个历史建筑是砂劳越轮船公司。1897 年,砂劳越轮船公司的创办是为了解决砂劳越州内的船务问题。1919年,该公司在砂劳越开始了第一单旅游生意。今天,超过132年后,砂劳越轮船公司的业务已经被多元化,有旅游,创意广告,画廊以及空运服务。

Siew San Teng (Tua Pek Kong) Temple

This temple faces water and mountains, ensuring good feng shui for its devotees. It has presided over the Kuching bazaar since 1770, but it has been renovated for many times. The main image represents Loh Hong Pek or Hong Tek Cheng Shin or Tua Pek Kong (Pak Long). At the time of the Japanese invasion in 1941, the temple survive unscathed though nearby buildings were demolished by bombs.

这个寺庙面临水和山,为其奉献者确保良好的风水。自1770它曾主持Kuching集市,但它已被重新装修了很多次。主要形象代表是Loh Hong Pek or Hong Tek Cheng Shin or Tua Pek Kong (大伯公)。在1941年日本侵略的时候,附近的建筑物被炸弹拆除,但寺庙却毫发无损的保留着。

In front of the temple is Chinese History Museum.

It was closed when I went that early morning.  

It was built in 1912 and used as a court by the Chinese community from 1912 to 1921. The museum aims at portraying the rich and fascinating history of Sarawak's diverse Chinese groups. Most significantly it endeavors to educate the present generation to appreciate the struggles and values as encountered and instilled by the early pioneers. (from:



A very red painted building along the shop houses.


It is named Hong San Si.
它是Hong San Si (凤山寺)。

Dayak Arts 
Dayak 艺术

亚答街 (Attap Street)
According to history, Carpenter Street was called "Attap street" in old days because of the thatch houses on both sides. This was where carpenters set up their workshop, earning the street its name.  The Chinese archway marks the entrance to Kuching Chinatown, where one can see a lot of Chinese opened shops at this street.

依据历史,在旧时代,工匠街被称为“亚达街”是因为两边的茅草屋。这是以前木匠开设工作坊的地点,而后来就得此名。这中华牌楼标记着进入Kuching 唐人街的入口,从这可以看见这条街上许多华人开的店面。

Sarawak Craft Council
Exiting Chinese Archway, there is a white building at the opposite road. It is Sarawak Craft Council constructed in 1886.



Next to it is Textile Museum Sarawak. 


Textile Museum Sarawak
The Textile Museum is situated at The Pavilion Building in Kuching City. Its architecture is a mixture of the English Renaissance and English Colonial. Constructed in 1907 as a medical centre, it later became the headquarters of the Education Department. Opened to public in August 2005, it houses and displays authentic local textiles and costumes made by the ethnic community of Sarawak.(from:

纺织博物馆位于Kuching的圣廷苑大厦它的架构是英国文艺复兴和英国殖民地的混合物。建于1907年,当时是一家医疗中心,后来成为教育署的总部。 2005年8月向公众开放,它设有和展出砂拉越民族社会的当地纺织品和服装。


There is a few jetty here. The one that take you to opposite shore is located in front of the brown building. Others are river cruise boat jetty. 


boat ride at Kuching Waterfront
The last day of my stay in Kuching, I decided to take the wooden boat to opposite shore. 

我在Kuching的最后一天 ,我决定搭木船到对岸去。

boat ride at Kuching Waterfront

There was only 2 persons in the boat, but the boatman did not wait for all seats occupied. That was somewhat I impressed. 



In KL city, I rarely take a boat and can say never going to happen in a city like KL. But here in Kuching city, one of the main transport is boat. That is how the boatmen earn the income for the family. Honestly, that is a very tough job, work under hot sun with just merely RM0.50 per way per customer. Thumbs up for them!



View from opposite shore


Walking out from the jetty, it is totally different. It's just a humble small village.



A very nice wooden Malay house. 

That's a road heading to Fort Margherita. I followed the track initially but gave up because I was short of time and need to rush to airport for flight. But if you want to go there through the road, make sure you find a company. It is a very silent track down and no houses around. 

这里有条路可以去到Fort Margherita。初始我好奇所以跟着路牌走去,但是最终放弃了因为不够时间以及要赶飞机。但是如果你要从这条路去那里的话,一定要找个伴。这是一个很静很静的小路,两旁都没有房子。

boat ride at Kuching Waterfront

Here the very humble boatman. Working so hard under hot sunny day. Nevertheless, he still keep smiling after all. A very simple man indeed.


boat ride at Kuching Waterfront

Like the view in the middle of river ^^ 

boat ride at Kuching Waterfront
 Simple, clean and tidy boat 

boat ride at Kuching Waterfront
 All these places are within walking distance. Kuching is a city that worth to discover and visit. There are more interesting places such as Bako National Park that I am still not yet have a chance to visit. Stay tune to my blog for the long house I visited in Kuching!



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