Bird Scouting Activity @ Kuala Kubu Bharu

I just manage to find some spare time to write down about the trip last week. I never try to do something like this previously and that's why I agreed to join to gain some experience.


About 1 hour plus travel all the way from KL to Kuala Kubu Bharu. This was my second time here, the first time was when I joined Tourism Selangor for 4 wheels drive to jungle.

After we checked in and having our lunch, Pn Azlina who is the Town Planner of Hulu Selangor District Council welcomed us with some briefing and introduction of KKB town before we departed to the destination.


我们拿了房间钥匙和吃了午餐后,Pn Azlina (乌鲁­雪兰莪县的政府官员-城市规划)在还没带我们出发去目的地前就为我们述说新古毛的发展故事和观鸟的一些简介。

Everyone was listening attentively.

What we heard was almost same as found in Wikipedia:

"KKB began as a mining town in the 18th century. In its heyday, it was the second biggest town in Selangor. Tragedy struck in 1883 when a heavy downpour caused the Kuala Kubu dam to burst open and flood the town, affecting its tin mining activities and killing 33 people, including the then District Officer Sir Cecil Ranking. Ranking had supposedly shot a white crocodile which was regarded as the river guardian despite being told not to do so. According to local beliefs, his act had caused the calamity to occur and all that was left of him was his hand. Ranking’s hand was interred in a grave at the Kuala Kubu Rest House. Since then, the old town has been known as Ampang Pecah (Broken Dam), and locals termed the flooding as the Kuala Kubu Tragedy. After the incident, the British government established a new town, calling it Kuala Kubu Baru (“baru” meaning new in the Malay language) in an area close by." (source from Wikipedia)

“新古毛在18世纪时是一个采矿小镇。在其鼎盛时期,它是雪兰莪州的第二大城镇。在1883年,悲剧降临,当年的倾盆大雨造成古毛水坝爆裂开来,并淹没整个城镇,影响其锡矿活动和造成33人丧命,包括当时的民政事务官员Sir Cecil Ranking。Ranking据称曾开枪杀死一只守护河的白色鳄鱼,尽管已被告知不能这样做。据当地的信仰,他的行为造成了灾害发生和事后只发现他的手。Ranking的手后来被埋葬在古毛坟墓。从此,老城区一直被称为Ampang Pecah(溃坝),和当地人称这洪水事件为古毛悲剧。事件发生后,英国政府在附近的区域成立了一个新的城镇,称之为新古毛(来源:维基百科)。“

The first stop was actually a residential area.

We had been divided into 3 groups, guided by the experts to look for the birds. Moreover, we been told that we need 2 things for bird scouting. The first one is binocular while the second one is the bird encyclopedia (enable us to identify the bird on the spot).

我们被分成3组,每一组有一位专家带我们寻鸟。不仅这样,我们也需要带2样法宝去观鸟。第一是望远镜,第二是鸟类百科全书 )方便我们当场找出那只鸟的名字)。

I have to say I'm kinda hot walking at the street and seen nothing after about 15 minutes.


At the roadside that I stood just now, I found that is an abandoned house. Pn Azlina told us that was the former district officer house. He moved out ten years ago. Doesn't it look spooky? Well, we did not go inside as one of the reason is the structure of the house is not stable and might collapse.

在路旁刚才我站的位置,我发现了一个废置的屋子。Pn Azlina 告诉我说这是以前民政事务官员的家。十年前已经迁移。是不是感觉阴森?好,我们没有跑进里面看因其中一原因是怕他根基不稳会坍塌下来。

Then, we all went back to the bus after 30 minutes. Oh yeah I can't stand outside too long under hot sun...that's why I quickly get in the bus for the cold air. The bus then brought us to the town and asking if anyone of us need to buy something here.


Next, we came to a mosque. This was the old-fashioned mosque as current design for the mosque at the roof was like an onion. But this was not. The mosque is located at Ampang Pecah, Kuala Kubu.

接着下来,我们便抵达一间清真寺。这是旧款的清真寺因为现在的设计顶上都是洋葱头的模样。但是这个不是。这间清真寺坐落在Ampang Pecah,古毛。


Look the mosque was built during 1926. That proved what I said was right. Okay, look at the tip....2 birds were standing up there! I can't snap the bird pictures closely using my phone as that was too far away.


After that, the bus took us to Taman Millenium at KKB. The park area is very big! And here this was the bus that fetching us around ~~

过后,这辆巴士载我们到新古毛的Taman Millenium。这公园的范围真的好大!这辆就是载我们到处跑的巴士 ~~

At the park, there are 2 lakes. By the time we reach, it was around 5pm. We saw lots of people strolling around the park leisurely.


The grass all dried due to the hot weather and now turned to golden colour.


There was birds on the trees but it was still too far for me to snap it. I able to see through with the binocular only.


Some Malay traditional snack, we called it kuih-muih


Before we heading back, we had afternoon tea over here! They were tasty!


So as the night fall, we back to the hotel to have a rest. KKB is a small town and like a countryside, therefore they don't have very luxury hotel for us to stay.


This place is not being called a hotel, but Rumah Rehat KKB.


I got a room with queen size bed. This picture was taken when I want to check out. So it was bit messy for the bedsheet.


There was an attached bathroom. 


The pricing of the room starts from RM90.

房间价钱从RM90 开始起跳。

The best thing staying here is that it is just next to a golf course. I have been told that this is one of the most challenging golf course due to its geographical structure (up and down hill).

在这里住的好处是靠近高尔夫球场。我听说这里的高尔夫球场是蛮挑战性的因为它的地理关系 (上下山)。

After a having a good rest at the RRKKB, we came back to Taman Millenium for bird scouting. We reach around 8am. It was very windy that morning! 

在新古毛休息屋得到充裕的休息后,我们便启程到Taman Millenium 观鸟。我们抵达时大概是8点。那天早上是真的很大风,感觉非常凉爽。

We all had our breakfast at lake side. That was one funny thing...the rice would fly away as the wind was quite strong. So I have to finish it fast ^^

我们就坐在湖边吃早餐。这里有件趣事..因为风大...搞不好那饭也会吹走。所以我必须赶紧吃完它 ^^

It was quite enjoying to have our meal at the lakeside on a windy day. I felt so relax at that moment.


There are some love shaped leaves on the ground.


I wore so casual...that's why I can't do fashion blog...LOL


I like this place ^^
Definitely want to come back one day again :)

我喜欢这地方 ^^
希望可以有一天到回来这里 :)

After breakfast, we moved on into the jungle. There was a house when we passed by. We were told not to take their pictures as it was a private land here. Then we have to gain their permission before moving deep into the jungle.


We have been guided by Mr Durai, an ornithological expert. He showed us where the birds and what are their names. He can recognize what bird is that through its chirping.

一路上我们有 Mr Durai (鸟类专家)带领我们。他会告诉我们鸟儿在哪里以及他们的名字。他也可以通过鸟噪声知道是什么鸟。

Pn Azlina was carrying a big long lens to shoot all the nice birds. I think she really interested with this bird scouting activity ^^I assume one would not carry a heavy camera with tripod walking far under hot sun if she not passion enough with the birds.

Pn Azlina 一路上拿着大长镜拍摄漂亮的鸟儿。我想他对观鸟活动应该非常有兴趣 ^^ 我猜想不会有人愿意扛着笨重的相机和脚架在烈日当空下步行那么远若他对鸟儿不热衷。

Walking about 2km from the lake, we came to an aboriginal house.


There was no one inside here. But there was mattress and bag. We guess that the owner already moved out and this was his/her vacation house.


Back to the topic, there was some species which quite often found in this park. The list as followed:


Black Crowned Night Heron.

Black Naped Oriole.

Common Iora.

Common Chiffchaff

Common Myna.

Asian Glossy Starling.

Blue Tailed Bee eater

Paddyfield Pipit.

Cattle Egret.

Pink-Necked Green Pigeon.
Black Headed Bulbul.
Stripe Throated Bulbul.
Yellow-browed Bulbul.
Yellow Vented Bulbul.
Barn Swallow.
Oriental Magpie Robin (Murai)

Not so commonly found in the park but manage found and snapped by us that day include:


Chesnut Checked Starling

Red-wattled Lapwing

 Green-billed Malkoha

To scout the birds, one needs to be very patient and has a great passion towards the birds. If you are very interested with this, please visit: for more information!


Last but not least, I want to thank allowing me to use its birds picture in my blog.

最后,我要感谢 让我使用它的鸟儿照片放在我的部落格让大家欣赏。


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