What I thought about food in Kulim

Kulim is situated beside Bukit Mertajam (about half an hour's journey by car). Nevertheless, coming from Federal Highway, one has to pass through the country road to get to Kulim town. There are a few things here to discover and I listed a few eateries about what I thought from Google's recommendation.

1. Laksa Kelang Lama

The first must-try is the Laksa Kelang Lama 老火较叻沙. The Chinese name of the place is a bit weird. To our surprise, the place where this eatery is located is called 老火较新村. Laksa in Kedah or the Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia differs from the other states. Laksa here is sweet and less spicy. They add a lot of fish paste to the soup. The Kulim laksa is nice!

2. Cai Kueh Kelang Lama 

Next to the Laksa Kelang Lama is a place selling vegetable dumplings. There is no seat for dine-in. 

The vendor is a mid-age woman who is doing and selling her vegetable dumplings in her house compound. Each dumpling is selling at RM1.20.

3. Lum Khee wantan mee

This is highly recommended to come for its own handmade noodles! The noodles are al-dente! For roasted pork, it is average.

Patrons could order the wantan mee in front of the shop to the man who making noodles.

4. Big Tree Garden

Not so many restaurants open at night in Kulim. If you are looking for a decent place for dinner, Big Tree Garden is one of the options. There are fish ponds surrounding the restaurant. Nevertheless, taste wise we could not expect much from them.

5. Dao Xiang Dim Sum

It is one of the breakfast shops that open early in the morning at 6.30am. It is more like a self-service style in that we take whatever we want from the heater. For dine-in, the servant would count the bill through the colour differentiation of the dim sum plates.

Personally think the dim sum in Kulim could not beat the dim sum in KL. The dim sum in Kulim seems like not freshly made there but they reheat the packed dim sum from the supplier/central kitchen.



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