Christmas Dinner Buffet @ Pullman KLCC

Ho Ho Ho... The festive season has finally arrived! It is one of my favourite festivals in the year ~ Christmas Day. We almost made it through 2022. It is time to celebrate with your beloved one together during this festive season. If you are looking forward to a place for a Christmas celebration, I would strongly recommend having a look at Pullman KLCC hotel.

Pullman KLCC has prepared extensive dining offerings for its patrons at its Sedap restaurant. At the sushi corner, there is a myriad blend of flavours that come together harmoniously to achieve a sweet yet savoury mix.

Tomato and Comte Cheese Quiche. Comte is French-style cooked curd cheese.

Whole Turkey with Apple and Sage Stuffing is a must-have cuisine during this holiday season. Sweet apples add a new layer of flavour to the savoury stuffing.

Slow Roasted Prime Rib is another highlight of the buffet. This luxurious Christmas traditional dish has a juicy and tender roast with a crisp outer crust.

Pan Seared Seabass Fillet with Creamy Green Pepper Sauce is a healthy and delicious meal for those who are on a diet. The green pepper sauce with the asparagus is a great accompaniment to the fillet.

Braised Brussel Sprouts

The creamy Chicken Blanquette is made with boneless and skinless chicken breasts and served with a white sauce which has been thickened with roux and egg yolks. 

Roasted Sherry Duck Breast with Orange Sauce

Herb Marinated Lamb Chop with Sweet Garlic Rosemary Sauce

My partner loves this Seafood Lasagna so much that he kept coming for this dish.

Chicken Tandoori

Live cooking stations bring back house cooking and transform it into a front-of-the-house spectacle for guests. It is always interesting to see the chef cooking in front of us knowing what they are serving us. If you like deep-fried food, then you should not miss this station. The deep-fried tempura that is freshly out of the wok is crunchy and crispy to the palate. My recommendation would be the soft-shell crab tempura that is rarely seen in other hotel buffet lines.

A variety of fresh seafood at the counter

Soup of the day: Creamy Butternut Pumpkin Veloute and Prawn Bisque

To commemorate the holiday season, the pastry team of Pullman KLCC has crafted a selection of the most delectable Christmas delights. Instead of the boring chocolate fountain, they mix red dates into the chocolate fountain which is totally another new level!

The colourful sweet treats and the cute gingerbread would certainly brighten up your day!

This is not a book but edible movie-themed printed cookies!

The frozen yoghurt ice cream is a new addition to the buffet counter at Sedap Restaurant, Pullman KLCC. I was glad they have something new yet healthy option for its diners. This yoghurt ice cream contains beneficial gut bacteria to help in digestion while having lower calories compared with normal ice cream.

The pâtissier never disappointed its guests with the impressive presentation of the desserts. They arrange the cookies to mimic a Christmas tree. I was the curious one who kept staring at the "artwork" wondering how they did that 😂

The best to end the day is a glass of mulled wine. That was my first time tasting it and my first-ever warm alcoholic drink. I could not stop it after my first sip. I regretted that I was a bit late to get to know this traditional winter drink. It is such a comforting drink after a satisfying dinner! 


Christmas Eve & Christmas Day & Countdown Dinner Buffet (6.30-10pm)
RM208 per adult (free flow of juices & soft drinks)
RM258 per adult (free flow of juices, soft drinks, beer and wine)

Christmas Day Lunch Buffet (12.30-3pm)
RM188 per adult (free flow of juices & soft drinks)
RM238 per adult (free flow of juices, soft drinks, beer and wine)
All prices quoted are subject to an additional 6% service tax.


  1. All the food looks amazing.

  2. All the food looks amazing.


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