Bought New Pair of Glasses @ Megane Samurai Lot 10

I had never changed my glasses since 2008 if I'm not mistaken. My old spec was full of scratches, stains and marks. There was also a bit of damage to the glass after I dropped it to the floor a few years ago. Since I am going to change my IC and renew my passport soon, I decided to get myself a new pair of glasses (to look nice in the photo๐Ÿ˜). I had no idea where I should get a pair at that time. So I asked a blogger friend who could give me some ideas. She recommended me to Megane Samurai in Lot 10 as she got 2 pairs from there previously and the price is reasonable.

Bought New Pair of Glasses @ Megane Samurai Lot 10

We drove to Menara Hai-O to park our car and walked to the Lot 10 shopping mall. The rate of parking per entry is RM5 at the weekend. We passed through Sg Wang Plaza and used the pedestrian bridge to cross over the busy street. The pedestrian bridge is linked with the monorail station. To our surprise, Megane Samurai is just beside the entrance after getting down from the bridge. Megane Samurai is within the Isetan departmental store in Lot 10. The price of the frame range from RM135, 185, 285 and 485.

Bought New Pair of Glasses @ Megane Samurai Lot 10

The price of the frame includes a free pair of  Hoya high aspheric lenses. I did some homework before I came. I browsed through a global shopping website to see what's the current trend and which design I like the most. I screenshot the model with the frame and tried to find if I can get it here.

Bought New Pair of Glasses @ Megane Samurai Lot 10
screenshot of the model with the frame (showing to the SA when selecting the frame)

This is the colour of the frame that I like - cool tan. It looks cool and trendy. So, since I got the idea of what I wanted, it made me easier during the selection.

Bought New Pair of Glasses @ Megane Samurai Lot 10

 I spent a bit longer time struggling with the 2 options which I posted above. These two had almost the same colour (closest to cool tan colour) but the shape of the frames was different. My hubby suggested I choose B (he thought B looks cuter on me ๐Ÿ˜‚) while my instinct asked me to choose A. Finally, I pm my friend to ask which was nicer and she agreed with my selection. ✌✌

Bought New Pair of Glasses @ Megane Samurai Lot 10

Bought New Pair of Glasses @ Megane Samurai Lot 10

The next step was testing my eye power. The machine they brought in from Japan claimed to be the most advanced technology for eye checks. The optometrist was patient enough to check my eyes as at some points I was doubted to give an answer (reading alphabet) and he repeated his questions a few times to me for double-checking. Initially, my hubby did not think of getting a new pair of glasses but after he observed the great service provided by the shop, he decided to make a pair too. He mentioned to me his previous bad experience with a shop where the optometrist was in rush for an eye test. 

After the eye check, I made a payment and waited for my hubby's eye check. To my surprise. within 30 mins, my spec is ready. Nevertheless, for my hubby's spec, he had to wait at least 2 weeks for his glasses as they need to order the lenses from Japan. He has high astigmatism and the shop does not keep such lenses. His spec is more expensive as he had to pay an additional RM85 for the astigmatism lenses. Megane Samurai has very limited options for the sports frame. The available sports frame is priced from RM485 per pair.

okonomiyaki Don Don Donki Malaysia

We had our dinner here at Don Don Donki dine-in area (also in Lot 10). They sell curry udon and okonomiyaki (food price average: RM19.90). That was my first time trying okonomiyaki. To be honest, it was also my first time hearing of it. Okonomiyaki is Japanese savoury pancake flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, choice of protein (seafood/meat), and topped with a variety of condiments (bonito flakes). In short, it is like a Japanese-style pizza (without any cheese).

receipt at Don Don Donki

That's the first Don Don Donki outlet in Malaysia. I remembered that when it opened last year, people had to queue for 2 hours to get inside when there is a disease control measure. The hype is gone now and luckily we don't have to queue during our visit. We bought a bottle of roasted sesame sauce and a liquid foundation. The sesame sauce is cheaper than Tesco/Lotus.

Picomonte liquid foundation defective Donki

While for the liquid foundation, I was a bit disappointed. The bottle was defective. It was written as the best seller in Rakuten and I trusted it as a good product. But when I want to try it, I could not pump out anything. Thus, I opened the cap and discovered that the pump straw is so short that it could not draw out things. I thought of going for an exchange but when I checked another bottle at the outlet, the same thing happened๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Finally, I made up my mind asking them to just refund my money. So with the receipt, you can refund/ exchange in Don Don Donki within 30 days from the date of purchase. I walked to the cashier on the ground floor and they contacted someone to assist me in the refund process.

Bought New Pair of Glasses @ Megane Samurai Lot 10

That's me with the new glasses ๐Ÿ˜Ž



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    1. thank you...indeed looks better with new spec now

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