Top 10 Corporate Gifts Suggestion

Maintaining a competitive advantage in your industry over other competitors is critical than ever in today's world, with more and more new businesses start up every day. After all, if anyone out there offers better quality, a better product, or a better experience, it'll only be a matter of time before your customers consider switching service providers. It is thus important to stand out in a crowd of competitors to differentiate your product or service from others.

One of the ways to set your brand apart from the competition is to give your clients memorable or unique corporate gifts. It not only demonstrates that you're a company that truly cares for your customers, but it also demonstrates that you're able to go above and beyond to make customers happy and being appreciated. Once you've gained a competitive advantage, it'll only be a matter of time before word gets out. That's what we have known as brand awareness which contributes to a company's success.

Top 10 corporate gift

Corporate gifts can be a pain in the ass; everyone has an opinion, because, this gift is supposed to “express who you are as a company,” and you want it to be “unique,” and “creative,” but not too expensive. Am I right? Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got 10 gift suggestions that are sure to impress even the pickiest of people.

1. Laptop bag

This is the best backpack/laptop bag you’ll ever use. It’s got the classic appearance that screams luxury and class, and it will be the first thing your client spotted when your staff carries the bag over to the client's place for meeting. Other than that, you can opt for the logo stitched anywhere you want.

Top 10 corporate gift

2.  Wireless speaker

Give the gift of music with these super sweet speakers. Perfectly portable, they’ll easily make their way into someone’s office, kitchen, yoga room, etc. Skip the extravagant fruit baskets and get your VIPs a gift worth remembering. 

Top 10 corporate gift

3.  Power bank

IT products have gained much popularity nowadays with increasing usage of computers and their related products. The power bank is the new trend of promotional gift nowadays.

Top 10 corporate gift

4. Soft toy

Custom made soft toys are an adorable way to promote businesses and services and are also a special way to offer custom gifts and recognition. Soft toys come in a variety of style and character representations to fit any company’s needs. These custom soft toys can be valuable for a charity event or CSR program, but can also be used by any company that would like to utilize the strength of novelty items for promotion or employee recognition.

Top 10 corporate gift

5. Corporate uniform

 The corporate uniform is especially important for client-facing staff. A well put together uniform speaks to the customer in a way that gives them confidence in the brand and service offerings.

Top 10 corporate gift

6. Eco notebook with pen

 Notebook and pen are the 2 most common corporate gifts as the price range are the most affordable among all. The notebook cover could be customised with their own company logo and branding with a minimal budget. This is the most suitable corporate gift of a medium-sized company to their staff.

Top 10 corporate gift

7. Lunchbox & Cutlery set
It is possible to go green by reducing plastic waste and encourage people to use their own lunchbox for takeaway. Nowadays, there are lunch boxes that are BPA free and dishwasher safe. The lunchbox and cutlery set comes useful when they don't feel like dining outside and prefer to eat at the office. In addition, these eco-gifts allow you to increase your positive brand image to others that you are going green.

Top 10 corporate gift

Top 10 corporate gift

9. Travel gift set & Manicure set
Travel gift and manicure set are essential when travelling oversea. Tourism board, travel agency and hotel could present these travel gift set or manicure set to their guests as a token of appreciation while showing the organization's hospitality.

Top 10 corporate gift
Top 10 corporate gift

10.  Covid 10 sanitiser set

Lockdown due to Covid 19 infection causes a great loss to a company. Prevention is better than cure. The covid19 keychain as a multifunctional device (door opener, pushbutton, trolley coin, drink opener, keyring, easy disinfection after use) could avoid someone having direct contact with different surfaces that can be a source of spread of infectious diseases. While the pouch could keep the hand sanitiser and clean face mask together and place it inside the handbag/ backpack when heading out for work.

Top 10 corporate gift

That's my top 10 corporate gifts suggestion listed above. In case you are interested in the corporate gift featured above, you could log on to for more information :)

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