Chives Seeds to Harvest in 10 Weeks

It has been long while I did not post anything here. Today, I'm gonna share my gardening experience with chives which I planted at the pot a few months ago. Chives seed has a tough seed coat which made it hard to germinate if you just throw the seeds to the soil. I tried once and my experience told me that's true as the seeds that I sow in the soil took a very long time to germinate and the success rate was not high. 

Chives seed could be purchase at any gardening store. For mine, I just bought at RM1.80 for a pack of chives seeds from Mr DIY. Another way you could get the seeds directly from the flowers of the chives. 

Why chives? That's because I like to eat chives :)

31 August chives seeds start to germinate

First, I soaked the newly opened seeds from the packet into water. The seeds remained in the water for 12-24 hours. The temperature of the water suggested was 60 degrees Celcius but you no need to change the water when the temperature drops. After soaking, I tapped dry all the seeds on a cloth. After a few hours, the seeds then wrapped in the wet cloth to promote germination. You need not put the wet cloth under bright/ sunny place since germination does not require sunlight. But bear in mind, you have to keep the cloth wet and wash it every day.

Chives seeds germinate
2 September chives seeds germinate

Within 3 days, the seeds start to germinate like showing above. At this time, you could plant them into your garden/ pot.

Chives seeds in the soil
3 September chives seeds in the soil

8 September chives growing up

10 September chives growing taller 

On 10 September, you could spot the chives starts to dividing :)

16 November chives harvest

It was approximately 10 weeks for the chives to grow up to 30cm height from seeds. Although it seems slower to propagate from seeds than bulbs & roots, it grows up pretty well & healthy. Compare with tomato, I will rate this plant as easy to grow while tomato is difficult :) Next, I would like to grow brinjal and would share again if succeeds :)



  1. That awesome you were able to grow chives.

    1. I really not expected that too.
      It looks healthy and strong now.

  2. Such gardening successes are very nice. I know from experience :)


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