(Throwback) Sungai Way 70th Anniversary

Sungai Way is a Chinese village in PJ town. I was there once many years ago following GPS guidance. The first impression was unbelievable that such a Chinese village still exists in town area. My friend stays there for years before I get to know. I was invited to Sg Way 70th anniversary carnival last year which was held by Damansara parliament member, Kg Tunku assemblyman, MBPJ council, Village Community Management Council of Kg Baru Sri Setia and associations of Sg Way. The event was opened for all including non-residents. One of the programs that we joined was a fun walk to the destinations in Sg Way (will explain further below).

Sungai Way 70th Anniversary

The destinations on the map given that we supposed to go are some landmarks in Sg Way. We got the first 2 stamps at the community hall and Pasar Besar Sungai Way (day market). Pasar Besar Sungai Way was once a busy a food market where all the locals go to stock up on their meat/veg. It is a relatively big market, with multiple floors. The upper floors are meant for other businesses. But to get to these upper floors, one has to wade through the detritus of the ground floor wet market.  Now, the wet market has been quiet. Younger generation prefer goes to a modern market as it is clean, hygienic and air-conditioned. But for convenience and to get the fresh vege, wet market is still the choice for many housewives.

Sungai Way 70th Anniversary

The next landmark is the Chinese temple known as Leng Eng Dian Khiew Ong Tai Tay (双溪威灵应殿九皇大帝). The temple is very busy on the 1st day till 9th day of the ninth month of Lunar calendar. The devotee will come to pray for blessings from Nine Emperor Gods. At that time too, there will be China opera on stage performance and walking on fire. Free vegetarian food was provided for free throughout the nine days time.

Sungai Way 70th Anniversary

Our next stop is Masjid Ridhwani. It is a mosque frequented by the local Muslim.

The Muslim there was so friendly that welcomed us to go inside for a visit. To get the stamp, they asked every one of us to play Congkak and Five Stones games. My friend's mum was playing congkak with me as it needs 2 players. This was her first time playing Congkak. 

A few stone away from the mosque is another Chinese temple named Tho Guan Seng. This temple is much smaller than Leng Eng Dian Khiew Ong Tai Tay. There was not any special about this place. Perhaps if you know any info then tell me here in comments.

Our last stop was Kuil Sri Sakthi Easwari, Indian temple. It was always interesting to visit the Indian temple as their building was adorned with lively and colourful sculptures. This temple is always busy as people like to have a wedding banquet at the hall next to the temple. There is a lot of parking slot too next to it.

Well, Sungai Way Chinese village has also gone through a lot of refurbishment. The wall opposite the police station is painted with beautiful murals. One should take a look if you haven't.

We got a purse, keychain and calendar after finished collecting all the stamps on the map. It was fun and educational. Hopefully, all these buildings could be last and should not be demolished for development.

p/s: The photos were just random shots that I never thought of doing a posting here. As such, this post is just a simple write up :)


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