Set Lunch (Food + drink) RM6 @ Cheras Kopitiam

Recently I found a newly opened Kopitiam that came out with a set meal of RM6 (USD 1.5) only inclusive of food and a drink that is available in the menu. I would not know if it was not my dad brought me over here for lunch since mum was sick and unable to cook that time. 

Set Lunch (Food + drink)  RM6 @ Cheras Kopitiam -Full Star Noodles House

I believe nowhere in Klang valley you could find such a deal! A bowl of curry mee or asam laksa already costs RM6 or more.

Set Lunch (Food + drink)  RM6 @ Cheras Kopitiam - Full Star Noodles House

That's very rare that I have lunch with dad alone. My dad is a retiree. Every day he will head out to find some friends to chit chat or "tan cha" (enjoying his tea time/ breakfast), thus I think that's how he discovered this shop.

The portion of the food is not small and same as the usual portion we find somewhere else. When we were there, some of the food already sold out! My recommendation here is the pumpkin barley drink since it's healthy and seldom found anywhere. The asam laksa for me is above average. I have not try others but I will repeat my visit soon for other food. Then, I will update here again for my "food review".

Set Lunch (Food + drink)  RM6 @ Cheras Kopitiam - Full Star Noodles House

The menu is written on board. But the price is still RM6 for a set of food and drink. I think the promotion is for temporary only since it is newly opened and once they have more customers, then the price will be adjusted back to normal.

Set Lunch (Food + drink)  RM6 @ Cheras Kopitiam - Full Star Noodles House

The Kopitiam is hidden behind the tree. Ample parking available since it's a residential area and free parking too. To be honest, this place is within 10 minutes drive from my house.

Set Lunch (Food + drink)  RM6 @ Cheras Kopitiam - Full Star Noodles House

That's the Kopitiam - Full Star Noodles House. The owner is an aunty who used to sell food in pasar pagi (daily wet market). That's what my dad told me as he always sees her in the wet market when he accompanied my mum every weekend. 

Ok, come to try it yeah when you in Cheras while the offer is still valid. 


  1. I hope your mom feels better soon.

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