Not Your Usual Trail @ Hiking BMC Blue Lake

We hike up to BMC Blue Lake at Mahkota Cheras in May. I was told by others that this place was not accessible since it was a private land. But still there were a lot of people coming over for the scenic lake view. It was not hard to find this place. Type BMC Blue Lake in Waze and they bring you to the entry point. The best entrance point was through the residential area.

BMC Blue Lake

The trail was easy. Suitable for beginners too. There was a signboard showing that this place was not safe for entry warning you not to trespass BUT the barbed wires been trampled.

BMC Blue Lake

Before we reached the Blue Lake, there was a steepy slope which was almost 90 degree. I was bit panic at first to get down but with the help of other, I managed to do it.

BMC Blue Lake

There was tree branches left at the scene to help us to get down and climb up.

BMC Blue Lake

Finally we made it to the top. We spent around 40 mins just for the hike from the entry point.

BMC Blue Lake

Top view of the lake

 BMC Blue Lake

That's the only nice spot I could found for taking the photo together with the lake view. Mostly were blocked by the trees.

BMC Blue Lake

We even walked down to the side of the lake. But that's another 30 mins journey to get down there. Coming down here, there is no way to get out from here. We need to climb up again using the same trail and get down through the 90 degree slope as mentioned earlier. The water in the lake reflected the mirror view of the hill which giving a unique scene of the blue lake. Regardless of the name, we did not see it as blue but green. Still no idea of the name "blue lake" from where it came from...

BMC Blue Lake,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 
43200 Cheras 9 Miles, 


  1. There is a blue lake here. It is more green than blue. Haha.

    Such an adventurous hike, considering all the climbing.

    1. yeah you are right for the colour of the lake

  2. Sounds like a great place to hike at.

  3. I think the land owner must open that place for public because its looks great


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